National Gallery of Art - RESOURCES

Gallery Archives: Information for Researchers

The Gallery Archives preserves and makes available non-current historical records of the National Gallery of Art and related historical materials.

The Gallery Archives is open to researchers from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), by appointment. Because Gallery Archives staff is limited, researchers are advised to provide as much advance notice of their arrival and research interests as possible.

Permission to examine archival materials will be granted upon completion of the application form and agreement to abide by the rules governing use of archival materials.

The National Gallery seeks to make historical materials in the Gallery's archives available for research use as soon as possible and to the fullest extent possible. Unrestricted materials will be made equally available to all researchers. Those materials that must be restricted temporarily in accordance with Gallery policy or donor restrictions will be reviewed from time to time and made available for research as soon as the need for restriction has passed.

The Gallery Archives requests that proper citations be given in all publications in the following form: [Record Group, Series, Item Identification] Gallery Archives, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Use of Materials
Archival documents must be maintained in the order in which they are delivered. Readers are asked to notify a Gallery Archives staff member if any appear out of order.

No archival documents may be removed from the research area.

No marking, erasing, or writing on the files is permitted. Items to be copied should be marked with paper inserts provided.

Fragile materials must be handled with care.

Personal belongings such as briefcases, handbags, folders, and notebooks must not be placed on research table.

Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted while using archival documents.

The use of pencil is preferred for taking personal research notes. Ballpoint pens may be used with care.

Documents may not be used for tracings without permission of a Gallery Archives staff member.

Researchers may request single copies of a reasonable number of items for personal research use when such copying can be done without injury to the material. The photocopy must not be further reproduced. Supplying a photocopy is not an authorization to publish.

Researchers may request copies of photographs in Gallery Archives holdings for established fees following standard Gallery procedures. Gallery Archives staff will provide details on request.

Written permission must be obtained from the Gallery Archives to publish reproductions of documents or substantial quotes from them. In giving permission to reproduce archival materials, the National Gallery does not surrender its own rights to publish the materials or to grant permission to others to publish them; nor does it assume any responsibility for infringement of copyright or of publication rights in

In the event that research in the Gallery archives becomes a source for publication, the Gallery Archives requests a copy of the publication.

The researcher is asked to note that the National Gallery of Art may not be the owner of copyright or other literary property in archival materials. The researcher is responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions to publish or use from the holder of the copyright.