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Audio Tour: Power and Pathos

For more information on this exhibition, visit the Power and Pathos information page.

Stop 1
Statue Base, 340-305 B.C.
with reference to "Victorious Athlete 'The Getty Bronze'," 300–100 B.C.
Stop 10
Athlete "Ephesian Apoxyomenos," AD 1–90
with references to "Head of an Athlete 'Ephesian Apoxyomenos Type'," 200–1 B.C. and "Torso of an Athlete 'Ephesian Apoxyomenos Type'," AD 1–100
Stop 12
Medallion with Athena and Medusa, 200–150 B.C.
with reference to "Athena 'Minerva of Arezzo'," 300–270 BC
Stop 18
Apollo "Piombino Apollo", c. 120–100 BC
with reference to "Apollo 'Pompeii Apollo'," 100 BC–AD 79
Stop 19
Herm of Dionysos, Mahdia Herm," 200–100 BC
with reference to "Herm of Dionysos," 200–100 B.C.

A limited number of headphones are available at the 4th Street Information Desk. As a courtesy to fellow visitors, the use of headphones is required within the exhibition space.

Bank of America is the national sponsor of this touring exhibition.

The exhibition is also made possible through a generous gift from an anonymous donor.

The Marshall B. Coyne Foundation has provided additional support through the Fund for the International Exchange of Art.

This exhibition is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities.

Garden Café Greek-Themed Menu
A Greek-themed buffet incorporates a variety of traditional Greek dishes featuring fresh seasonal ingredients, from Psiti Feta Kotópoulo (braised chicken, feta cheese, red wine) to Salata Revithi Ankinara (chickpeas, artichokes, toasted almonds). Kasseri, a sheep- and goat-milk cheese with a salty and sweet flavor and pungent aroma, and Manouri, a pure sheep-milk cheese with a creamy texture, are available. Mosaiko, a Greek chocolate-and-biscuit cookie roll with fresh whipped cream, adds a sweet treat to the end of a culinary journey.

Published by the J. Paul Getty Museum, the fully illustrated scholarly exhibition catalog is the first comprehensive volume on Hellenistic bronze statuary. It includes groundbreaking archaeological, art-historical, and scientific essays that offer new approaches to understanding ancient production of these remarkable works of art. To order, please visit; call (800) 697-9350 or (202) 842-6002; fax (202) 789-3047; or e-mail [email protected].