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Children's Shop, Concourse

Books, games, toys, puzzles, and artist supplies delight the young and young-at-heart. Inspire and engage kids with educational activities that help them form connections with the art. Located near the Cascade Café.


Our beautifully illustrated children’s books include traditional classics and new favorites to add to your home library. There are also plenty of activity books to choose from for endless entertainment.


An art museum is the perfect place to let a young imagination roam. The children’s shop is filled with toys to help set the scene at home for all of the fantastical stories you can dream, whether they take place on a ballerina’s stage or in a knight’s castle.


Introduce children to art with art-related puzzles and games for all ages that are both educational and fun.


Encourage self-expression and foster creativity with activity kits, crafts, and art supplies.

The Gallery offers free Wi-Fi, accessible by selecting the “NGA_Public_WiFi” network. Review the Gallery's Wi-Fi policy.

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