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lower left: T W Dewing / 86


Purchased 1889 from the artist by Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, Massachusetts;[1] (sale, Gimbel Brothers, New York, 1946). Dr. and Mrs. Walter Timme, Cold Spring, New York, by May 1947;[2] bequest 1978 to NGA.

Exhibition History
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Special Exhibition of American Paintings in Honor of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Diamond Jubilee, The Milch Galleries, New York, 1950, no. 4, as Lady with Lute.
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Technical Summary

The support is a Winsor and Newton prepared mahogany artist's panel (1.2 cm thick) with the grain running vertically. The reverse is coated with white and gray paint, on which the colormen's label is adhered. The ground is a moderately thick tan layer. The paint layers were applied thinly in most areas, with some more thickly handled passages such as the woman's throat, bodice, and lute. The more thickly painted areas have a scattered, fine crackle pattern. Overall the painting is in excellent condition, with few losses and minimal abrasion. The varnish has yellowed.