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    Staff List

    2019 Annual Report

    Office of the Director

    Kaywin Feldman

    Chief of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
    Michele Nichols

    Chief of Staff
    Angela M. LoRé

    Deputy Chief of Staff
    Celina B. Emery

    Chief Internal Auditor
    Christie Johnson

    Internal Auditor
    Steve Elsberg

    Congressional Liaison Officer and Director of Special Projects
    Delia Gerace Scott

    Special Projects Assistant
    Jill DeWitt


    Chief of Exhibitions
    D. Dodge Thompson

    Exhibition Officers
    Jennifer F. Cipriano
    Lawrence Hyman
    Naomi R. Remes

    Office Manager/Assistant to the Chief of Exhibitions
    Wendy Battaglino

    Exhibition Associates
    Miriam Deaver
    Elizabeth Dent
    Amanda Summerlin

    Program Analyst
    Margaret Hutto

    Exhibition Research Assistant
    Akiko Takesue


    Head of Department
    Susan MacMillan Arensberg

    Deputy Heads of Department and Associate Curators
    Margaret Doyle
    Lynn Matheny

    Senior Audiovisual Production Specialist
    David Hammer

    Office Manager for Exhibition Programs
    Nicholas Velez

    Staff Assistant for Film Production
    Sarah Turner


    Senior Curator and Chief of Design
    Mark Leithauser

    Deputy Chief and Head of Exhibition Production
    Gordon Anson

    Office Manager
    Bryant Johnson

    Office Assistant
    Travis Ferguson

    Donna Kirk
    Brian Sentman
    Lee Weaver

    Design Assistant
    Rachel Schechtman

    Design Coordinator
    Deborah Clark-Kirkpatrick

    Production Coordinators
    Linda Daniel
    Jaime Lowe
    Elizabeth Parr

    Armature Maker
    Andrew Watt

    Rob Shelley

    Head of Graphic Design/Silkscreen Production
    Jeffrey Wilson

    Graphic Design/Silkscreen Production
    Lisa Farrell
    Victoria Fisher Kaak
    Christopher Lempke
    Stefan Wood

    Head of Exhibits Shop
    Robert Motley

    Exhibits Shop Specialists
    Lester Dumont
    William Ferguson
    George Grello
    George McDonald
    H. Belmont Thompson

    Head of Lighting Shop
    Robert Johnson

    Lighting Shop Specialists
    Michael Daniels
    Juan Garedo

    Head of Paint Shop
    Frank Conto

    Wilber Bonilla
    Derrick Duarte


    Chief Development Officer
    Christine Myers

    Senior Development Officer for Major Gifts
    Cathryn Dickert Scoville

    Senior Development Officer for Major Gifts and Foundation Giving
    Patricia A. Donovan

    Senior Development Officer for Major Gifts and Individual Giving
    Hilary Fry

    Senior Development Officer
    Giselle Larroque Obermeier

    Senior Development Officers for Corporate Relations
    Jeanette Beers
    Cristina Del Sesto

    Development Officer for Database Management and Analytics
    Katherine Ramish

    Development Officer for Annual Giving
    McGowin Ey Anderson

    Development Officer for Foundation Giving
    Kate Conrad

    Development Officer for Stewardship
    Eowyn Mays

    Administrative Officer for Development
    Janine Evans Davis

    Development Associate for Stewardship and Communications
    Sarah Hyde

    Development Associate for Database Management and Analytics
    Melissa Brashear

    Development Associates for Annual Giving
    Sukrita Baijal
    Ryan Butler

    Development Assistant for Operations
    Wayne Henson

    Development Assistant for Annual Giving
    Laura Hyson

    Development Assistant for Special Projects
    Catherine Schreiber


    Chief of Communications
    Anabeth Guthrie

    Christina Brown
    Isabella Bulkeley
    Laurie Tylec

    Web Designer/Systems Developer
    Dwayne Franklin

    Communications Coordinator
    Domini LeNoir Artis


    Executive Assistant
    Amy Pigulski

    Senior Event Planners
    Chelsea Souza
    Maria E. A. Tousimis

    Event Planner
    Rachel Henderson

    Budget Specialist
    Benjamin Masri-Cohen

    Invitations and Protocol
    Charlotte Hord
    Samantha Niese

    Office of the Deputy Director/Chief Curator

    Deputy Director and Chief Curator
    Franklin Kelly

    Administrator for Policy and Programs
    Elizabeth Driscoll Pochter

    Administrative Assistants
    Nancy Moncure Deiss
    Kerry Rose Wallin


    Curator and Head of Department
    Nancy K. Anderson

    Associate Curators
    Charles Brock
    Sarah Cash

    Curatorial Associate
    Catherine Southwick

    Ellen Layman


    Curator and Head of Department
    Mary Morton

    Curator of Nineteenth-Century Paintings
    Kimberly A. Jones

    Associate Curator
    Aaron Wile

    Curatorial Associate
    Michelle Bird


    Gretchen Hirschauer

    Curatorial Associate
    David Essex


    Senior Curator and Head of Department
    Harry Cooper

    Curator of Art, 1975–Present
    Molly Donovan

    Curator of Art, 1945–1974
    James Meyer

    Research Associate
    Jennifer Roberts

    Curatorial Associate
    Paige Rozanski

    Curatorial Assistant
    Emily Ann Francisco


    Assistant Curator
    Alexandra Libby

    Curatorial Assistant
    Kristen Gonzalez

    Henriette Rahusen


    Senior Curator and Head of Department
    Sarah Greenough

    Curator of Nineteenth-Century Photographs
    Diane Waggoner

    Associate Curator
    Andrea Nelson

    Consulting Curator
    Philip Brookman

    Collections Management Associate
    Andrea Coffman

    Curatorial Coordinator
    Anne Davis

    Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Curatorial Fellow
    Kara Felt

    Stieglitz Online Project Coordinator
    Mark Levitch

    Exhibition Research Associate
    Anjuli Lebowitz

    John Wilmerding Intern in American Art
    Weezie Haley

    Dumbarton Oaks Humanities Fellow
    Isabella Beroutsos


    Andrew W. Mellon Senior Curator of Prints and Drawings
    Jonathan Bober

    Office Manager
    Susanne L. Cook

    Curatorial Assistant
    Mollie Berger Salah

    Old Master Prints

    Curator and Head of Department
    Rena M. Hoisington

    Associate Curator
    Brooks H. Rich

    Print Room Specialist
    Ginger Hammer

    Old Master Drawings

    Curator and Head of Department
    Margaret Morgan Grasselli

    Associate Curator
    Stacey Sell

    Assistant Curator
    Amy Johnston

    Modern Prints and Drawings

    Curator and Head of Department
    Shelley R. Langdale

    Curatorial Associate
    Mary Lee Corlett


    Curator and Head of Department
    C. D. Dickerson III

    Curator of Early European Sculpture and Deputy Head of Department
    Alison Luchs

    Curatorial Associate
    Emily Pegues

    Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation Curatorial Intern
    Ashley Hannebrink


    Senior Curator
    Lynne Cooke

    Exhibition Assistant
    John Hobson


    Anne L. Halpern


    Chief Registrar
    Michelle Fondas

    Registrar for Exhibitions
    Theresa Beall

    Registrar for Collections
    Lehua Fisher

    Registrar for Loans
    Judith Cline

    Collections Management System Administrator
    Elizabeth Concha

    Collections Management System Assistant Administrator
    Susana Reiriz

    Assistant Registrar for Loans
    Shannon Schuler

    Senior Loan Officer
    Lisa MacDougall

    Assistant Loan Officer
    Paula Binari

    Associate Registrar for Exhibitions
    Melissa Stegeman

    Assistant Registrar for Collections
    Holly Garner

    Registration Assistant
    Meredith Kablick

    Supervisory Art Services Manager
    Joan Ganzevoort

    Senior Art Services Specialists
    Andrew Krieger
    Daniel Randall
    David Smith
    William Whitaker

    Art Services Specialists
    Francis Adams
    Carson Bhatia-Murdach
    David Birdsong
    Joseph Hoffman
    Abigail Hunt
    Michael Russell
    Lewis Schlitt
    Orville Walker
    Anthony Yannone


    Division Head
    Lynn Pearson Russell

    Kim Hodges

    Education Coordinator
    Carolyn Bevans

    Manager of Accessible Programs
    Lorena Bradford

    Manager of Community Programs
    Sherri Williams

    Manager of Planning and Evaluation
    Paula Lynn

    Audience Research Specialist
    Catherine Wood

    Academic Programs

    Acting Department Head
    Ali Peil

    Program Assistant for Lectures
    Sarah Battle

    Curatorial Liaison for Public Programs in Modern Art
    Terence Washington

    Program Assistant
    Rachel Tanzi

    Interpretive Resources

    Department Head
    Sarah Durkee

    Writer and Interpretive Projects Manager
    Jennifer Riddell

    Rachel Trinkley

    Associate Projects Manager
    Melanie Spears Harper

    Associate Projects Manager, Digital and Media
    Reema Ghazi

    Manager, Education Resources Operations, and Affiliate Loan Coordinator
    Lillia Abt

    Media Program Technician
    Alastair McPherson

    John Wilmerding Intern in Digital Interpretation
    Katie Toepp

    School, Family, and Adult Programs: Gallery and Studio Learning

    Department Head
    Heidi Hinish

    Senior Educator and Manager of Local Teacher Workshops
    Julie A. Springer

    Senior Educator and Manager of High School Programs
    Elisa Patterson

    Education Assistant, High School Programs
    Marie-Louise Orsini

    Senior Educator and Manager of School Tour and Docent Programs
    Elizabeth Diament

    Senior Educator and Manager of Adult Program Docents and Art Information Volunteers
    Dianne Stephens

    Museum Educator and Coordinator, School Tour and Docent Programs
    Deirdre Palmer

    Museum Educator, Art Information and Adult Docent Programs
    Alison Hendrickson

    Administrator, Docent and Volunteer Programs
    Katherine Gottschalk

    School Tour Scheduler
    Jennifer Cross

    Senior Educator and Manager, Art Around the Corner
    Sara Lesk

    Museum Educator and Coordinator of Professional Development, Art Around the Corner
    Julie Carmean

    Museum Educator and Coordinator of Community Engagement, Art Around the Corner
    Meghan Lally Keaton

    Museum Educator, Art Around the Corner
    Emily Mendonca

    Education Assistant, Art Around the Corner
    Jessica Cherry

    Education Assistant, National Teacher Programs
    Jessica Metzger

    Museum Educator
    Nathalie Ryan

    Museum Educators and Program Coordinators, Family Programs
    Dena Rapoport
    Christopher Rusinko

    Education Assistant
    Genesis Flores-Aguilar

    Senior Lecturer and Manager of Gallery Talks and Lectures
    Eric Denker

    Senior Lecturer
    David Gariff

    Manager, Internship and Fellowship Programs
    Mattie M. Schloetzer


    Department Head and Film Curator
    Margaret Parsons

    Film Programmer
    Joanna Raczynska


    Publisher and Editor in Chief
    Emiko K. Usui

    Deputy Publisher and Production Manager
    Chris Vogel

    Design Manager
    Wendy Schleicher

    Managing Editor of CASVA Publications
    Cynthia Ware

    Managing Editor for the Permanent Collection
    Emily Zoss

    Senior Editor
    Julie Warnement

    Associate Senior Editor
    John Strand

    Lisa Shea
    Caroline Weaver

    Senior Designer
    Bradley Ireland

    Rio DeNaro

    Image Manager
    Sara Sanders-Buell

    Budget and Administrative Coordinator
    Shana Condill

    Print and Digital Production Associate
    John Long

    Production Assistant
    Mariah Shay

    Mark Rothko Catalogue Raisonné: Works on Paper

    Associate Curator
    Adam Greenhalgh

    Project Coordinator
    Laili Nasr

    Graduate Intern
    Michaela Milgrom


    Chief, Imaging, Website, and Media
    Alan Newman

    Department Head, Photographic Services
    Lorene Emerson

    Department Head, Imaging Services
    Peter Dueker

    Department Head, Web
    Martín Franzini

    Acting Head, Media Productions and Supervisory Audiovisual Production Systems Specialist
    Brian Dooda

    Imaging and Visual Services

    Photographic Services

    Color Management Specialist
    Ken Fleisher

    Ric Blanc
    Lee Ewing
    Greg Williams
    Tricia Zigmund

    Visual Information Specialists
    Debbie Adenan
    John Schwartz

    Museum Specialist
    Rebecca Gates

    Imaging Services

    Permissions Coordinator
    Barbara Goldstein Wood

    Image Permissions, NGA Collections
    Peter Huestis

    Digital Imaging Cataloger
    Kate Mayo

    eDAMS Coordinator
    Jaime McCurry

    Gallery Website

    Website Designer
    Guillermo Saenz

    Website Developer
    Carolyn Campbell

    Website, Special Projects
    John Gordy

    Content Producer
    Alan Manton

    Media Production

    Audiovisual Production Specialists
    John Conway
    Adam Enatsky
    Chad Lawrence
    Olivia Powers
    Frank Tutko

    Information Technology Manager
    Suzanne Sarraf

    Event Support Coordinator
    Emily M. Francisco


    Executive Librarian
    Roger C. Lawson

    Library Systems Manager
    Yuning Zhou

    Office Manager
    Jennifer Smith

    Technical Services

    Head of Technical Services
    Sarah Osborne Bender

    Acquisitions Assistants
    David Diaz
    Amanda Kim
    Mary Lazarenko
    Jeffrey Leone

    Gretchen Berkman
    John P. Heins
    Bary Johnson
    J. Bryan Lane

    Cataloging Assistant
    Vada Komistra

    Bindery Assistant
    Jane E. Higgins

    Reader Services

    Head of Reader Services
    John Hagood

    Reference Librarian for Interlibrary Loan
    Tessa Brawley-Barker

    Interlibrary Loan Assistants
    Gillian Grossman
    Faye Karas

    Special Collections Librarian
    Yuri Long

    Assistant Special Collections Librarian
    Anna Tomlinson

    Special Collections Student Assistant
    Arlia Delphonse

    Auction Catalog Librarian
    Charlotte DonVito

    Supervisory Library Technician
    Rodrick McElveen

    Circulation Assistant
    Ian Roberts

    Circulation Student Assistant
    Kathryn Bordwell

    Reference Librarian
    Anne Simmons

    Serials Assistant
    Tammy Hamilton

    Department of Image Collections

    Chief, Library Image Collections
    Gregory P. J. Most

    Deputy Chief and Image Specialist for Architecture
    Andrea R. Gibbs

    Image Specialist for Modern Art
    Meg Melvin

    Image Specialist for American and British Art
    Andrew L. Thomas

    Image Specialist for Italian Art
    Melissa Beck Lemke

    Image Specialist for French Art
    Elisabeth Narkin

    Image Specialist for Special Projects
    Lisa M. Coldiron

    Image Specialist for Spanish Art
    Thomas A. O’Callaghan Jr.

    Image Specialist for Northern European Art
    Molli E. Kuenstner

    Circulation Desk Assistant
    Carrie A. Scharf

    Graduate Intern
    Claralyn Burt


    Chief of Conservation
    Mervin Richard

    Conservation Administrator
    Michael Skalka

    Digital Asset Manager
    Carly Wooten

    Conservation Program Assistants
    Michelle LeBleu
    Nicola Wood

    Staff Assistant
    Douglas Friday

    Andrew W. Mellon Intern
    Tammy Hong

    Painting Conservation

    Head of Department and Senior Conservator
    Jay Krueger

    Senior Conservators
    Michael Swicklik
    Elizabeth Walmsley

    Sue Ann Chui
    Joanna Dunn

    Associate Conservator
    Dina Anchin

    Conservation Technician
    Douglas Lachance

    Charles E. Culpeper Advanced Training Fellow
    Gerrit Albertson

    Graduate Intern
    Tamsin McDonagh

    Paper Conservation

    Head of Department and Senior Conservator
    Kimberly Schenck

    Michelle Facini

    Associate Conservator
    Amy Hughes

    Matting and Framing Specialists
    Caroline Danforth
    Shan Linde
    Laura Neal
    Jenny Ritchie

    Conservation Technician
    Michelle Stein

    Andrew W. Mellon Advanced Training Fellow
    Amy Hughes

    Photograph Conservation

    Head of Department and Senior Conservator
    Constance McCabe

    Senior Conservator
    Sarah S. Wagner

    Margaret Wessling

    Object Conservation

    Head of Department and Senior Conservator
    Shelley Sturman

    Senior Conservators
    Daphne Barbour
    Judy L. Ozone

    Katherine May

    Research Conservator, Robert H. Smith Bronze Study Project
    Dylan Smith

    Andrew W. Mellon Advanced Training Fellows
    LaStarsha McGarity
    Robert Price

    Textile Conservation

    Head of Department and Senior Conservator
    Julia Burke

    Preventive Conservation

    Head of Department and Senior Conservator
    Bethann Heinbaugh

    Preventive Conservator
    James Gleason

    Frame Conservator
    Eric Tollefson

    Scientific Research Department

    Head of Department and Senior Conservation Scientist
    Barbara H. Berrie

    Senior Imaging Scientist
    John K. Delaney

    Research Conservator for Paintings Technology
    E. Melanie Gifford

    Senior Conservation Scientists
    Suzanne Quillen Lomax
    Christopher A. Maines

    Imaging Scientist
    Kathryn Dooley

    Conservation Scientists
    Lisha Deming Glinsman
    Kathryn Morales
    Joan M. Walker

    Charles E. Culpeper Advanced Training Fellow
    Xiao Ma

    Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts

    Elizabeth Cropper

    Associate Deans
    Peter M. Lukehart
    Therese O’Malley

    Center Administrator
    Helen Tangires

    Assistant Administrator for Budget and Accounting
    Jeannette Ibarra Shindell

    Program Staff
    Elise Ferone
    Caroline Marsh
    Annie G. Miller
    Jen Rokoski

    Research Staff
    Ravinder Binning
    Megan Driscoll
    Tiffany A. Racco

    Members, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, Academic Year 2018–2019

    Samuel H. Kress Professor
    Maryan W. Ainsworth

    Andrew W. Mellon Professor
    Steven Nelson

    Edmond J. Safra Visiting Professor
    Richard J. Powell

    Paul Mellon Senior Fellow
    David O’Brien

    William C. Seitz Senior Fellow
    Jennifer Van Horn

    Samuel H. Kress Senior Fellows
    C. Jean Campbell
    Michelle Foa

    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Senior Fellows
    Benjamin Anderson
    Matthew Biro
    J. P. Park

    Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellows
    Linda Goddard
    Branden W. Joseph
    Karen Lang
    Julie L. McGee
    April Oettinger
    John Ott
    Martha Wolff

    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Visiting Senior Fellows
    Adrienne L. Childs
    Ilia Doronchenkov
    Freeborn O. Odiboh
    Elisabeth Oy-Marra
    Jerry Philogene
    Nino Simonishvili

    A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
    Rachel Grace Newman

    Predoctoral Fellows in Residence

    David E. Finley Fellow
    Andrew P. Griebeler

    Paul Mellon Fellow
    Ravinder S. Binning

    Samuel H. Kress Fellow
    Michele L. Frederick

    Wyeth Fellow
    Annika K. Johnson

    Ittleson Fellow
    Ashley Dimmig

    Andrew W. Mellon Fellow
    Lauren Taylor

    Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale Fellow
    Ximena A. Gómez

    Predoctoral Fellows Not in Residence

    David E. Finley Fellows
    Rachel E. Boyd
    Andrew Sears

    Paul Mellon Fellows
    Thadeus Dowad
    James Pilgrim

    Samuel H. Kress Fellow
    Julia Oswald

    Wyeth Fellow
    Michelle Smiley

    Ittleson Fellow
    Miriam K. Said

    Andrew W. Mellon Fellow
    Samuel Luterbacher

    Twenty-Four-Month Chester Dale Fellow
    Alicia Caticha

    Twelve-Month Chester Dale Fellow
    Stephanie E. Triplett

    Robert H. and Clarice Smith Fellow
    Suzanne T. Duff

    Ailsa Mellon Bruce Predoctoral Fellowships for Travel Abroad for Historians of American Art
    Alicia L. Harris (Assiniboine)
    Emily M. Mazzola
    Ana Cristina Perry
    Vanessa Reubendale

    Office of the Administrator

    Darrell R. Willson

    Deputy Administrator
    John Robbins

    Deputy Administrator for Capital Projects and Chief Architect
    Susan Wertheim

    Gallery Business Advisor
    Erin Fisher

    Staff Assistant
    Marie Akridge Harris

    Assistant to the Administrator for Budget Analysis
    Jill Dunham

    Budget Analysts
    Theresa Carder
    Melanie Smith

    CAD Team
    Calvin Lee
    Martin Livezey

    Staff Assistant (CASVA housing)
    Gwendolyn Murphy


    Winifred E. Turner

    Deputy Chief
    Arlington Walker

    Administrative Officer
    Scott Stephens

    Management Analyst
    Tyrese Davis

    Program Specialist (Travel Coordinator)
    Marie Joy Borja

    Program Assistant
    Christy Williams

    Printing, Mailroom, Records, Supply, and Telecommunications

    Dionne Page

    Lead Support Services Specialist
    Bryan Durham

    Administrative Support Assistant
    Anthony Mearite

    Support Services Specialists
    Sonya Arthur
    Lemuel Jamison
    Jorge Johnson
    Frances Moffatt
    Kenneth Saunders
    Marshall Simmons

    Printing Services Specialist
    Michael Austin

    Printing Services Clerk
    Anushirvan Aazami

    Lead Telecommunications Specialist
    Haywood Turnipseed

    Telecommunications Specialists
    Frederick Braxton
    Asheley McDonald
    Anthony Nevels

    Property, Logistics, and Transportation

    Anthony Thomas

    Lead Support Services Specialists
    Mohamed Gasmi
    Anthony Sean Hilliard

    Logistics Assistant
    Frank Armstrong

    Motor Vehicle Operator
    Kenneth Barrett

    Support Services Specialist
    Frederick Scott

    Supply Technicians
    Anthony Harris
    Nathan Howell
    David Johnson
    Dwayne Phifer


    Senior Architect/Senior Program Manager
    Carl M. Campioli

    Senior Engineer/Senior Program Manager
    Robert Wilson

    Architects/Program Managers
    Michael Gavula
    Judy Renfrew

    Program Analyst
    Lauren Huh

    Construction Project Manager
    James Banta

    Architect/Project Manager
    Jennifer Wegmann

    Engineer/Project Manager
    Hillary Lord

    Interior Designer
    Irwin Gueco

    Construction Field Representative
    Abby Frankson


    Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
    Marisa Marinos


    Office Manager
    Hilary Evans

    Staff Assistant
    Qula Wilder


    Department Head
    James Cromwell

    Wade Brightwell
    Sujit Nathan

    Engineering Technician
    Michael Ottmers

    Facilities Services

    Department Head
    Dan Hamm

    Special Projects Manager
    Fernando Restrepo

    Special Projects Coordinator
    William Cabeza

    Darryl Forest

    Work Control Center

    Facilities Management Processes Specialist–IT
    Vasily Lazarenko

    Work Control Coordinators
    John Platt
    John Todd

    Building Services

    Building Services Manager
    Gregory Curry

    Anthony Dickey
    Sylvia Dorsey
    Deborah Hamilton
    Angela Lee

    DeVigar Dozier
    Andre Gordon
    Sheldon Malloy
    Darlene Middleton
    Cassandra Smith

    Custodians and Laborers
    Mario Burt
    Rosario Cordero
    Paul Cotton
    Roval Crawford
    Michael DeVeaux
    Carris Fields
    Ryan Forster
    Oliver Fowler
    Jermaine Griffin
    O’linda Harris
    Alice Holloman
    Sharon Jenkins
    Michon Jenkins-Savoy
    Teresa Lee
    Paul Marshall
    Gail Maxfield
    James McDowell
    Francis Mercer
    Darryel Parker
    Tambra Parks
    Stacy Payton
    Anthony Robinson
    Anthony Stewart
    Angeline Sutton
    Justin Taylor
    Kenneth Tenwalde
    Dawn Thompson
    Tanya Washington
    Angelica Williams
    Leora Wilson
    Tasha Wilson
    Ronald Winston

    Building Maintenance

    Department Head
    Samantha Dennison

    Production Center Foreman
    Charlie DiPasquale

    Carpenter Shop

    Allan Scheufele

    Wood Crafter Leader
    Carl Sturm

    Wood Crafters
    Lynn C. Edwards
    Burt Parks
    George Santoro

    Paint Shop

    Paint Leader
    Victor Bercian

    Steven Brady
    James Miller
    Troy Patterson

    Mason Shop

    Gino Ricci

    Mason Leaders
    Tony Lowe
    Patrick Verdin

    Michael Carroll
    Dennis Colella
    Daniel DePaz
    Mauricio Diaz
    Leonard Pagliaro
    Michael Sczuka
    Conrad Solomon
    Charles Sydnor

    Building Operations

    Department Head
    Rodney Stringer

    Assistant Operations Manager–Mechanical
    Noel Ashton

    Assistant Energy Manager
    Brock Manville

    Supervisory Engineering Technician
    Larry Smith

    James Gant
    James Hamilton
    Shaun Heim

    Wayne Atchison
    Artemas Edwards
    Frederick Valentine

    A/C Equipment Mechanics
    Lamont Carey
    Lyndon Ding-Chong
    Jerry Dobbs
    Laquan Holton
    Kenneth Hudson
    Alexander Meath
    Sahlu Tekletsadik
    Wilbert Thompson
    Jeremy Wojciechowski

    Maintenance Helper
    Barron Henson

    James Deal

    Dewayne Queen

    Controls Shop

    BAS Manager
    Randolph Ballard

    Nicholas Carter
    Eugene Givens
    Anthony Hayes
    John Stisted

    Electric Shop

    Chris Fioravanti

    Timothy Maxwell

    Troy Cahill
    Charles Simonds
    Richard Thomson

    Electrical Worker
    Earl Ashford

    Continuous Conditioning Shop

    Engineering Technician
    John Yasem

    Mechanical Engineering Technician
    Seong-Mo An


    Cynthia Kaufmann

    Deputy Chief
    Jeff Nagle

    Solomon Foster
    David Gentilcore
    Kimberley Mead
    Chris Myers

    Gardener Leader
    Anthony Ferrell

    Charles Bauduy
    Wayne Buckner
    Devin Sampson
    Christian Sherlock
    Willie Townes
    Dale Wimberly

    Susan Baker
    Catherine Cooper
    Martha Davidson
    Verona Elms
    Francine Farr
    Ashley Greer
    Randy Harris
    Hannah Mazer
    Lourine Musto
    Susan Nerlinger
    Georgiana Rosen
    Lara Szypszak


    Head of Music Programs
    Danielle DeSwert Hahn

    Music Specialist
    Robert Hanson

    Music Program Coordinator
    Kathleen Chau

    Concert Assistant
    Bruno Nasta

    Concert Aides
    Vrejoohie Armenian
    Mary Carter
    Cathy Kazmierczak


    Douglas Goodell

    Deputy Personnel Officer
    Luis Baquedano

    Supervisory Human Resources Specialist
    Terri Sosa-Gayles

    Personnel Systems Specialists
    Michele Caputo
    Darryl Cherry

    Staffing Specialists
    Jamaal Carrington
    Kathy Sutton Davis

    Gallery Representative
    Sarah Montgomery

    Human Resources Specialists
    Miriam Berman
    Todd Wheeler
    Mendi Cogle Wingfield

    Human Resources Assistants
    Annette Brown
    Tursonya Gilbert

    Training Officer
    Judith Frank

    Training Specialist
    Nikkia Anderson

    Legal Trainee
    Emma Duncan


    Rodney C. Cartwright

    Deputy Chief
    Michael Benavides

    Contracting Officers
    Maura Dresdner
    Ethan S. Premysler
    David Reindl
    LaVonne Shingler
    Geoffrey Spotts
    Janet Wu

    Financial Management Analyst
    Kenneth Baksys

    Purchasing Agent
    James Wortham


    Mark E. Wallace

    Assistant Chief
    Genia Reaves

    Senior Advisor to the Chief
    Salima A. McClain

    Staff Assistant
    Johanna Speight


    Daniel Rodriguez

    Administration and Visitor Services

    Program Analyst
    Cheryl Miller

    Program Specialist
    Andrea Bajrami

    Gallery Support Specialist
    Dina Mukhutdinova

    Office Assistants
    Jesus Jimenez Jr.
    Symphony Johnson

    Exhibition Aide
    Kami Farrie

    Technical Services

    Head of Technical Services
    Dan Bailey

    William Shaw

    Senior Electronics Technician
    Louis Wagner Jr.

    Electronics Technicians
    Ty Cullins
    Christian Havecker
    Suthyvat Yam

    IT Specialist
    Bradley Hnatt

    Reppard Powers III
    Brannock Reilly
    Vladimir Solomykov

    Risk Management

    Deputy Chief
    Alton C. Limbaugh Jr.

    Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
    Robert Casper

    Fire Protection Specialist
    Glenn Hnatt


    Karen Perry

    Security Specialist
    Steven Butler Jr.

    Watch Commander
    John Carter

    Command Center Lead Operators
    Phillip Arnett
    Denise Milburn
    David Weston Jr.

    Command Center Operators
    Charles Faulkner
    Olympia Frazier
    Jonathan Gehrkin
    Chester Hall Jr.
    Keith Roseburough
    Altina Sumter
    Eugenio Velazquez
    Laverne Whitted
    Steven Wimbush

    Timothy Fortt
    Quellan Josey
    David Lee
    Jeroboam Powell

    Alonzo Fountain
    Thomas Gorman
    Dennis Hill
    Vernon Morton
    Dexter Moten
    James Murphy
    Marlene Tucker
    Gerald Walker
    Sheila Wright

    Brian Bowman
    Wesley Branon
    Roy Brown
    Jerry Doss Sr.
    Carolyn Groce
    Franklin Jess
    William McLaughlin Jr.
    Wayne Morris Jr.
    John Rogers
    Gregory Tyson
    Andre Vaughn
    Ricardo Watson
    Mitchell Wright Jr.

    Security Driver
    Carlos Dubose

    Police Officers
    Ronnie Baker
    Roan Bascoe
    Allen Billingslea
    Timothy Carter Sr.
    Hadrain Clark
    Antonio Crowder
    Edwin Diamola Jr.
    Benito Eusantos
    Montel Harper
    Denson Haynes
    Ernest Higginbotham
    Gilbert Ligason
    Rodney Madison
    Abdul Sharif
    Brian Sumner
    Sean Watson

    Special Police Officers
    Roger Allen
    Kurt Austin
    Johnny Barlow
    Leonard Bashful
    Brian Bates
    Charles Berkley Jr.
    Vander Blount
    Neil Braithwaite
    Vincent Brown
    George Burgess
    Crystal Campfield
    Slats Carter
    Richard Cates
    Edward Chapman
    William Clark
    Edward Clarke
    Lee Clarke
    Cheryl Coach
    Johnny Crepaul
    Venus Cristwell
    Dominic Dangerfield
    William Daniels
    Larita Dodson
    James Doye
    Darnelle Everett
    Edward Foster
    William Gill
    Ryan Goolsby
    Rodrigo Gutierrez
    Linwood Harrod Jr.
    Corey Hawkins
    Peter Henderson Jr.
    Donna Hinton
    Mildred Holeman
    David Jackson
    Eliot Jones
    Felisha Jones
    Gabriel Kelley
    Aaron Kinchen
    Henry Konah
    Chester E. Lapsley
    Albert Lawrence
    Linda Leonard
    Franklin Lewis
    Richard Lydick
    Rodney Mathew
    Bryan Maximo
    Oumar Mbodj
    Berron Mott
    Darrin Moyer
    Jacob Neal
    Beverly North
    Stewart Parker
    Johnny Ridgeway
    Loretta Roy
    James Scott
    Matildia Sherrod
    Michael Simpson
    Timothy Smith
    Bawasim Tchalim
    Joselito Tungcod
    Larry Turner
    Marian Vaughn
    Ivory Vines
    Donald Ward
    Gregory Watson
    Bryden White
    Harold Williams
    Lee Williams
    Lynn Williams

    Gallery Protection Officers
    Anani Abalo
    Aaron Alexander
    Belinda Anderson
    Frank Bailey
    Robert Baker Jr.
    Raymond Barnett
    Cecil Bell
    Jules Bell
    Casiano Benicio
    Kathryn Boyd
    David Bradley Sr.
    Jacqueline Brown
    Richard Byrd
    Paul Cawley
    James Chase Jr.
    David Clark
    David Cooke
    Ivy Cooper
    Larry Dailey
    Samuel Dauzat
    Randolph Davis
    Joshua Diggs
    Antonio Dorsey
    Robert Dudley Jr.
    Patrick Dumsch
    Jerry Foley
    David Fortunoff
    Russell Gaskins
    Lita Goings
    Debra Graham
    Richard Green
    Steven Halla
    Dorothy Harper
    Burley Harris
    Jamal Hassan
    Lemuel Hillian
    Allen Hodgdon
    David Hodge
    Fred Holmes Jr.
    Laking Holt
    Priscilla Hopkins
    Harold Hunter
    Robert Hyer
    David Jakes
    Victor Jamison
    Darrell Johnson
    Joe Kelly
    Stephen King
    Michael Krell
    Tameka Kyles
    Marian Lee
    Michael Lewis
    Robert Lewis
    Tyrone Lewis
    Joseph Loy
    Jeffrey Lyles Jr.
    Ramesh Malhotra
    Charles Manuel III
    Toi McKenzie
    Henry McKinnon Jr.
    Charles McKinster
    Lawrence Meyers
    Margaret Nelson
    Willie Norman
    Roy Ottley
    Joyce Palmer
    Antwon Paris
    Marian Parker
    Pamela Pitts
    Carey Porter Jr.
    Robert Pugh
    Willie Pugh
    Kelvin Richmond
    Michael Robinson
    William Rodriguez
    Sean Rohe
    Willie Sims
    Marc Sloan
    Robert Stevens Jr.
    Damien Toler
    Albertus-Hugh Van Den Bogaard
    Verda Whitlow
    Agnes Whittle
    Barry Williams
    Stephen Williams
    Vincent Williams
    Phillip Williamson
    Andre Wilson
    Chantay Wilson
    Gerald Wilson Jr.
    Anthony Wright
    Patricia Wright

    Gallery Aides
    Lori Allen
    Tamani Carter
    April Gifford
    Noelle Go
    Jennifer Harvey
    Kristyn Hodges
    Karima Hurt
    Derrick Johnson
    Joel Ulmer
    Michael Wallover


    Paul Flickinger

    General Manager, Deputy Chief
    Barbara A. Lenhardt

    Office Manager
    Laura A. Fitzgerald

    Staff Assistants
    Miriam Dameron
    Therese Stripling

    Food Service Contracts Manager
    Anne Valentine

    Product Development Manager
    Noriko Bell

    Donald L. Henderson
    Candler Hunt
    Lisa P. Perkovich
    Rachael Valentino

    Visual Presentation Technicians
    Melissa Cherry
    Noelle E. Wigginton

    Store Manager
    Nancy A. Sanders, serving in interim capacity

    Operations Manager
    Naomi Morgulis

    Category Specialists
    Mary Powell
    Christopher Siron

    Lead Sales Associates
    Andy Baritz
    Anthony Bremer
    Mercedes Derricott
    Nanci Fox-Miller
    Devonia Matthews
    Linda Peterson

    Sales Associates
    Munir Abdella
    Rosenante Brunache
    Amanda Casachahua
    Pamela Coleman
    Lara Ghelerter
    Terry Gibson
    Cavelle Lamy
    Kira Lokhmatova
    Marnier Manley
    Kim Peacock
    William Pinkney
    Aaron Seaboch
    Mildred Shivers
    Timothy Turner

    Web Store Manager
    Ryan Rix

    Product Photographer/Web Fulfillment Assistant
    Bridgit Day

    Warehouse Manager
    Kenny Sykes

    Lead Materials Handler
    Marvin M. Walton

    Materials Handlers
    Tonia Clark
    James B. Everett
    Desmend Salter
    Vashaun Trotter

    Fulfillment Specialist
    Lisa Tompkins

    Office of the Treasurer

    William W. McClure

    Management Analyst
    Brittany Bordeaux

    Chief of Investments
    Christine Kelleher

    Manager of Fine Arts Risk and Special Projects
    Nancy Hoffmann

    Chief Planning and Budget Officer
    James Gaglione

    Senior Budget Analysts
    Frank McCarthy
    Crystal Peevy

    Budget Analysts
    Richard Eckert
    Eileen Ng

    Senior Manager Financial Reporting, Analysis and Policy
    Kelly Liller

    Chief, Financial Management Systems
    Leslie Braxton

    Financial Systems Administrator
    Lynn Li

    Financial System Specialist
    Steven Wilson

    Financial Reporting Manager
    Julianne Ehrman


    David J. Rada

    Deputy Comptroller
    Myles Burgess

    Accounts Payable/Retail Accounting Manager
    Michael Chapman

    Accounts Receivable & Investment Specialist
    Johann Jose

    Accounting Technicians
    Nicole R. Glaude
    Kevin C. Oberman
    Brenda M. Stevenson
    Stephanie L. Thorpe
    Valerie M. Wright


    Payroll Personnel Specialist
    Emma G. Moses

    Payroll Technician
    Margaret Myers


    Chief Information Officer
    Linda K. Stone

    Deputy Chief Information Officer
    Alex Wu

    IT Planning & Budget Analyst
    Susan Farr

    Information Security

    Manager of Information Security, Chief Information Security
    Nabil Ghadiali

    Information Security Engineers
    Quy Diep
    William Nguyen

    User Services

    Chris Usher

    Technical Lead
    Kristhian Senzano

    Instructional Technologist
    Christina Waldron

    Analytics and Enterprise Architecture

    Manager of Analytics and Enterprise Architecture
    Chief Technology Officer
    Robin Augustine Thottungal

    Solution Architect
    David Beaudet

    Network Architect
    Katherine Green

    New Initiatives

    Manager of New Initiatives
    Lucy Patterson

    Principal Developer
    Cindy Peng

    Senior Applications Developer
    Svetlana Reznikov-Velkovsky

    IT Project Managers
    Eli Bhattacharyya
    Katherine Blackwell


    Manager of Operations
    Zafar Chaudhry

    Network Engineers
    Orlando Lewis
    Nobel Philip

    Database Engineer
    Yilong Wang

    IT Vendor Manager
    Wenling Bao

    IT Specialists
    John Martin
    Getachew Michael

    Office of the Secretary and General Counsel

    Secretary and General Counsel
    Nancy Robinson Breuer

    Senior Associate General Counsel
    Julian F. Saenz

    Associate General Counsels
    Carolyn Greene McKee
    Lakshmi Mohandas
    Isabelle Raval

    Assistant General Counsel
    Nora Diamond-Jones

    Legal, Administrative and Governance Specialist
    Alexandra Liopiros

    Staff Assistants
    Carol Christ
    Lauren Wheeler


    Chief of Gallery Archives
    Kathleen Williams

    Deputy Chief and Senior Archivist
    Michele Willens

    Shannon Morelli

    Museum Specialist
    Laura Pavona

    Media Archivist
    Franklin Burton

    Amanda Bouchard
    Sarah Rouse
    Ian Shelley
    Grant Wood



    Sue Adams
    Lee Allen
    Janet Auten
    Joan Barkin
    Sneha Barot
    Carol Bellonby
    Valerie Bernat
    Anu Bhatia
    Susan Bollendorf
    Irene Bortolussi
    Carol Bradwell
    Jill Brett
    Maureen Fallon Bridgeland
    Gail Briggs
    Florence Brodkey
    Ana Maria Brown
    Debra Brown
    Jayne Bultena
    Richard Burke
    Karen Campbell
    Charles Caramello
    Valerie Carleton
    Marta Castello-Branco
    Mary (Liz) Clayton
    Leonard Coburn
    Carol Cochran
    Michael Crowley
    Theresa Daly
    Nancy Deck
    Gerard de la Cruz
    Bela Demeter
    Susan DeMuth
    Anna Dixon
    Cynthia Dormont
    Margaret Downey
    Sandra Dugoff
    Alice Ellington
    Marilyn Farrington
    Victoria Feldman
    Paula Ferdinand
    Karen Feuerstein
    John Finedore
    Brooke Fink
    Harriet Finkelstein
    Virginia Flavin
    Christina Fleps
    Howard Fogt
    John Forgach
    Stephenie Frasher
    Barbara Freeman
    Christine Freidel
    Laura Germain
    Thomas Gilday
    Joan Gottfried
    Gail Gregory
    Donna Grell
    Lisa Grosh
    Annie Gubser
    Judith Hadley
    Alyson Hardy
    Mary Harms
    Jan Haugen
    Anne Haynes
    Judy Heiser
    Beth Herman
    Yvette Herrera
    Camille Hersh
    Shannon Hobbs
    Sally Hojvat
    George Holliday
    Adriana Hopper
    Marta Madrid Horgan
    Marilyn Horwood
    Merry Hunt
    Jennifer Jacobs
    Fazurin Jamaludin
    Jennifer Jenson
    Mary Joaquin
    Michaela Johnson
    Judith Kane
    Deborah Kant
    Nancy Keefe
    Carolyn Kelloff
    Marney Kennedy
    Carol King
    Ann Klein
    Cornelis Kostermans
    Amy Kotkin
    Audrey Kramer
    Christie Kramer
    Andrea Kraus
    Naomi Kulakow
    Olga Kushnir
    Isabella Kyser
    Julien LeBourgeois
    Min Lee
    Susan Lewis
    Dianne Maffia
    Renee Mahoney
    Barbara Mandel
    Barbra Mann
    Anne Marie Marenburg
    Patricia Martin
    Marylin Mathis
    Patricia Mattimore
    Joanne Maylone
    Chuck McCorkle
    Ursula McKinney
    Patricia McMurray
    Linda Meer
    Margaret Morrison
    Joan Morton
    Melanie Morton
    Joan Mulcahy
    Arantza Murphy
    Patrick Murtaugh
    Nancy Nathan
    Cate Newman
    Dianne Niedner
    Akemi Nishida
    Nur Nossuli
    Yasuko Okuno
    Mary O’Neill
    Julia Overton
    Hedwig Pasolini
    Deborah Pietras
    Ann Marie Plubell
    Yvonne Porter
    Ludmila Pruner
    Cynthia Pugh
    Estelle Quain
    Maria Amelia Ramaciotti
    Patricia Ramirez-Gomez
    Pickett Randolph
    Lucia Jean Reynolds
    Augusta Ridley
    Joseph Rippin
    Jean-Carlo Rivera
    Janet Roberson
    Michael Robinson
    Eileen Romano
    Janet Ross
    Susan Rudy
    Sheila Ruffine
    Cathy Ryan
    Angelika Sasin
    Barbara Schaffer
    Arlene Schuchner
    Joyce Schwartz
    Catherine Seibert
    Diane Sekelsky
    Steven Selden
    Katy Senkus
    Nan Shapiro
    Judy Shulman
    Ruth Sickel
    Claire Simon
    Trudi Small
    Deborah Smith
    Marie-France Smith
    Sara Smith
    Kimberly Snyder
    Jasmine Stevenson
    Kaitiana Stevenson
    Christine Stinson
    Sheridan Strickland
    Jean Su
    Elizabeth Sullivan
    Traer Sunley
    Laura Symcak
    Ragan Tate
    Ellen Tehoke
    Diedre Tillery
    Paula Tosini
    Michelle Trahan
    Shu Chen Tsai
    Susan Van Nice
    Irina Vayndiner
    Eleanor Wang
    Josephine Wang
    Maria Elena Weissman
    Margaret Wesbecher
    Sue Wickwire
    Brooke Wilding
    Natalie Wilensky
    Michael Winer
    Maria Wood
    Constance Wynn
    Annie Yi
    Anka Zaremba
    Joan Zeizel
    Kathryn Zoeller
    Gianna Zucchi

    Art Information Volunteers

    Jeanne Anderegg
    Jay Ball
    Valerie Ballard
    Anika Belinfanti
    Carol Belovitch
    Cary Blackwelder-Plair
    William Blandy
    Marlene Bolze
    Margaret Ann Booth
    Emily Bordelon
    Pamela Brancaccio
    Ann Breiter
    Elizabeth Buchanek
    Arthur Bugler Jr.
    Diane Cabe
    Josephine (Jody) Cabezas
    John Cahill
    Dianne Callan
    Susan Callegari
    Elizabeth (Beth) Callsen
    Sheila Campbell
    Karen Canova
    Anne Caramello
    Ann Carroll
    Joan Chapin
    Zie Wei (Susan) Chen
    Sara Williams Cherner
    Rhonda Chocha
    Vivian Chu
    Lynn Cleary
    Angela Clexton
    Pat Clopper
    Evelyn Coburn
    Shannon Cockett
    Carolyn Codamo
    Catherine Cooney
    Michael Crowley
    Deborah Davenport
    Elaine Dawes
    Susan Dawson
    Joanne DeSiato
    Clare Donelan
    Louisa Doyle
    William Eddy
    Sibyl Nye Erdman
    Rose Evans
    Elizabeth Fagan
    Susana (Susi) Fainbraun-Shapiro
    Omid Fattahi
    Ileana Fernandez
    John (Jack) Ferry
    Robert Fiduk
    Barbara Fisher
    Marjorie Fisher
    Marcy Ford
    Alan Friedman
    Betty Sue (Suzi) Gallagher
    Bowen Gerry
    Marcia Gibson
    Carolyn Gichner
    Morton Glassberg
    Bernard (Benny) Glenn
    Joan Goldwasser
    Gretchen Goodrich
    Andrew Gordon
    Lucille (Lucy) Gordon
    Natalya Gosteva
    Alexandra Greer
    Clio Grillakis
    Judith Hadley
    Janice Hallman
    Helen Haltzel
    Xiaoxiao Han
    Shyama Haniffa
    Tawney Harding
    Jean Hay
    Jo Ann Hearld
    Erin Heffernan
    Marleen Hein-Dunne
    Linda Hicks
    Brooke Higdon
    James Higgins
    Maria Higgins
    Dawn Hill
    Nancy Hirshbein
    Fay Hobbs-Carter
    Barbara Hodges
    Celia Hoke
    Elizabeth (Betsy) Holmes
    Charlotte Hrncir
    Gail Huh
    Kathleen Jackson
    Joan Janshego
    Paula Kahn
    Donna Kanin
    Suzanne Kardon
    Madeline Kelleher
    Henrietta (Henri) Keller
    Rosemary Kelly
    Susan Kilpatrick
    Hyeran (Alissa) Kim
    Margaret Kim
    Stephen Klatsky
    Deborah Klein
    Wendy Kleiner-Beigel
    Bonnie Kleinhans
    Michael Kolakowski
    Peter Koltay
    Ruth Kurzbauer
    George Lader
    Stephen Lake
    Rosary Lalik
    Emily Lanza
    Marion H. Lebanik
    Barbara Lennhoff
    Barbara Lesser
    Marlane Liddell
    Susan Lightsey
    Yingqi (Ying) Liu
    Karen Livornese
    Mary Ann Lucey
    Pat Lynagh
    Marcia Lyra
    Marion Macdonald
    Theresa Maciejewski
    Cynthia (Cindy) Major
    Rikki Marshall
    LeeAnn Matthews
    Roy Matthews
    Elizabeth Maury
    Pamela Mazurek
    Margaret McCaleb
    Chuck McCorkle
    Joan McCormick
    Carolyn McDevitt
    Deborah McDonald
    Margaret McDonald
    Sarah Beth McKay
    Kathleen McMackin
    Irma Jean (I. J.) McNelia
    Susan Mekkawi
    Deborah Mendelson
    Roy Mesler
    Kerrie Messelbeck
    Joseph Metzler
    Mary Ellen Michel
    Alejandro Milberg
    Elaine Miller
    Lena Molander
    Amelia Montjoy
    Rachel Moore
    Carolyn Morse
    Flavia Thomsen Mostazo
    Diane Munro
    Maggie Murphy
    Luzie Nahr
    Rebecca Neumann
    Sherry Nevins
    Maria-Luisa Noonan
    Joan Novell
    Anne Odland
    Carol O’Shaughnessy
    Athena Papamichael
    Susan (Suzi) Pease
    Stephen Pelszynski
    Joseph Phelan
    Emily Roper Pinette
    Jan Pomerantz
    Thomas Poston
    Peter Preuss
    Aimee Ramsay
    Gale Reed
    Mary L. Regan
    Gail Ridgway
    Arlene Ring
    Martha Rogers
    John Thomas Rooney
    Gabrielle Rooz
    Eugene (Gene) Rosenfeld
    Shirley Rosenfeld
    Carol Russell
    Olga Ryzhikov
    Susan Schader
    Kalina Schneider
    Susan (Sue) Schneider
    Roberta Schneidman
    Sonja Schulken
    Suzanne Scott
    Nancy Searles
    Arlene Selber
    Anastasia Sheveleva
    Kathleen Shuman
    Chaya Siegelbaum
    James Silverwood
    Esther Slaff
    Ann Snuggs
    Carol Snyder
    Claire Southerlin
    Mary K. Stoufer
    Sheridan Strickland
    Bonita Sutler
    Michele Sutton
    James (McKim) Symington Jr.
    Barbara Szoradi
    June Tancredi
    Ragan Tate
    Judith Terry
    James (Jim) Thurston
    Marylee Tinsley
    Alicia Tisnado
    Anna Tucker
    Barbara Twigg
    Garry Tyran
    Kathy Udell
    Adrienne Umansky
    Carol Van Duzer
    Suzanne Vaughn
    Terrance Versailles
    Ellen Villa
    Shawn Vreeland
    Catherine Wagner
    Linda Wagner
    Haley Wallace
    Diane Wapner
    Tracy Ward
    Rafeeq Warfield
    Jean Weber
    William Weber
    Rachel Weintraub
    Virginia Weschler
    Joan Wessel
    Alexandra Wilson
    Diane Wood
    Maria Ilona Wood
    Yingchen Yang
    Vinnie Zagurski