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    A woman with a facemask on is looking at a painting in the National Gallery.

    Changes of Attribution

    2020 Annual Report


    Changes of attribution are the result of scholarly research using the latest art historical investigations and scientific examinations, and it is the policy of the Gallery to publish these changes regularly. The following changes of attribution were proposed by Gallery curators and approved by the Gallery’s Board of Trustees during fiscal year 2020. The list is arranged in alphabetical order according to former attribution, and includes changes of title and/or date if they were a part of the change of attribution.



    Master of Girart de Roussillon, Meeting of Achilles and Hector, c. 1450 - 1460, miniature on vellum, Rosenwald Collection, 1946.21.9


    Meeting of Achilles and Hector, c. 1450–1460

    Old: Netherlandish 15th Century

    New: The Master of Girart de Roussillon



    Frans Masereel, Skyscrapers, 1926, woodcut, Reba and Dave Williams Collection, Florian Carr Fund and Gift of the Print Research Foundation, 2008.115.13


    Skyscrapers, 1926

    Old: Gwen Bennett

    New: Frans Masereel