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    A person with a bandana facemask on is sketching a sculpture depicting Union Army soldiers marching off to battle with their officer on his horse.

    Gifts and Donors

    2020 Annual Report


    The support of the federal government and private sector enables the National Gallery to fulfill its mission to serve the nation by welcoming all people to explore and experience art, creativity, and our shared humanity. While the federal government provides an annual appropriation for the National Gallery’s operation and maintenance, works of art in the collection, the two buildings, and the sculpture garden are made possible through private gifts, as are numerous educational and scholarly programs. The National Gallery extends its gratitude to both the federal government and the many generous donors listed here, who made gifts during fiscal year 2020. These private contributions have allowed the National Gallery to enhance its art collections, build its library holdings, present special exhibitions, undertake conservation and research, offer comprehensive educational initiatives, and pursue scholarly endeavors. Thanks to the ongoing commitment of its supporters and the federal government, the National Gallery continues to serve the American people.


    Mellon Challenge Endowment Grant

    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded the National Gallery of Art a grant of $30 million in endowment funds, to be matched by $45 million in new gifts from other donors. The National Gallery is deeply grateful to those who have contributed endowment gifts, both large and small, toward the Mellon challenge grant. This historic initiative reinforces the National Gallery’s leadership role as the nation’s art museum. The financial support of the donors listed here captures the spirit of generosity that created this museum for the nation and has allowed it to thrive for more than three-quarters of a century.

    Anonymous (3)

    Anonymous in honor of Sharon Rockefeller

    Lynn K. Altman

    Adrienne Arsht

    Ann M. Askew

    Aileen Athy

    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Beinecke

    Mr. William S. Beinecke †

    Marguerite H. Benson

    John and Louise Bryson

    Vincent and Linda Buonanno

    Russell and Anne Byers

    Mrs. William Cafritz (Buffy)

    Mrs. Aldus H. Chapin †

    A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

    Thomas † and Robin Clarke

    Paula Cooper and Jack Macrae

    Grega and Leo A. Daly III Endowment Fund

    The Dillon Fund

    Patricia A. Donovan

    Louisa C. Duemling

    Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. Merritt P. Dyke

    Robert & Mercedes Eichholz Foundation

    Marjorie and Anthony Elson

    Sarah G. Epstein

    Greg and Candy Fazakerley

    Jean Taylor Federico

    Sarajane Foster

    Norma Lee and Morton Funger

    Jo Ann and Julian Ganz, Jr.

    Susan and Whitney Ganz

    Professor Joseph L. Gastwirth

    Bernard and Sarah † Gewirz

    Martha Gil-Montero and Joseph A. Page

    David and Lorna Gladstone Foundation

    Lenore S. and Bernard A. Greenberg Fund

    Hakuta Family

    The Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation

    Dr. John C. Harbert

    The Heinz Family Foundation

    Dennis Henley and Nora Shea

    William Logan Hopkins

    John K. Hoskinson and Ana I. Fábregas

    Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr.

    Gail and Benjamin Jacobs

    Pamela Jenkinson

    Mr. James A. Johnson Jr. and Mr. Frank L. Spencer

    Mrs. Linda H. Kaufman

    Judith Keenan

    Thomas and Kathleen Koepsell

    Kyle and Sharon Krause Family Foundation

    Samuel H. Kress Foundation

    Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder

    Leonard A. Lauder

    Jacqueline Lawrence in memory of Leonard Silverstein

    Jacqueline and Marc Leland Foundation

    Reid and Ann MacDonald

    Mr. and Mrs. Jan W. Mares

    Jacqueline B. Mars

    Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mars

    Virginia Cretella Mars

    Mr. and Mrs. James B. Martin

    Lynne Martin

    Susan McCabe †

    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

    R. K. Mellon Family Foundation

    Katherine Mineka

    The Honorable Alfred H. Moses and Ms. Fern M. Schad

    George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation

    Alan and Marsha Paller

    Malcolm and Pamela † Peabody

    William and Karen Prezant

    Prince Charitable Trusts

    Mr. Robert C. Rea

    Lola C. Reinsch

    Sarah Beinecke Richardson and Craig Richardson in honor of Frederick Beinecke

    Toni A. Ritzenberg †

    Sharon Percy Rockefeller and John D. Rockefeller IV

    Mr. † and Mrs. Robert M. Rosenthal

    The Honorable Secretary of Commerce and Ms. Hilary Geary Ross

    David M. Rubenstein

    Edmond J. Safra Foundation

    Victoria † and Roger Sant

    Denise and Andrew Saul

    Leonard and Elaine Silverstein †

    Hedrick Smith and Susan Zox-Smith

    Robert H. Smith Family Foundation

    Barbara Spangenberg

    The Sperry Fund

    Benjamin F. and Jane F. Stapleton

    Elizabeth and George Stevens Jr.

    Eileen and Michael Tanner

    Christiane and James Valone

    Christopher V. Walker

    Dr. and Mrs. Ken Walker

    Mrs. Mary Weinmann †

    Professor John Wilmerding


    The Collectors Committee of the National Gallery of Art

    The Collectors Committee serves a vital role in broadening the scope of the National Gallery’s modern collection. Committee members provide invaluable support with their annual gifts of $20,000, $40,000, and more for the acquisition of modern art.


    Denise Saul



    Howard and Roberta Ahmanson

    Adrienne Arsht

    Christine and Bill Aylward

    Anne T. and Robert M. Bass

    Brendan and Helen Bechtel

    Calvin and Jane L. Cafritz

    Constance R. Caplan

    Joseph M. Cohen

    Edwin L. Cox

    Mrs. Doris Fisher

    Norma Lee and Morton Funger

    Nancy and Carl Gewirz

    Agnes Gund

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Gundlach

    Mrs. Frederic C. Hamilton

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hedreen

    The Kend Family Fund

    Susan and John Klein

    Robert and Arlene Kogod

    Jill H. Kramer

    Kyle and Sharon Krause

    Joan and David Maxwell

    Cassandra Mellon Milbury

    Mary V. Mochary

    Mary and John Pappajohn

    Prince Charitable Trusts

    Emily and Mitchell Rales

    Sharon and John D. Rockefeller IV

    Meredith and Brother Rutter

    Roger Sant

    Louisa Stude Sarofim

    Denise and Andrew Saul

    Jon Shirley

    Michelle Smith

    Roselyne Chroman Swig

    Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund


    The Exhibition Circle of the National Gallery of Art

    The National Gallery wishes to thank the members of The Exhibition Circle for their generous support at the level of $20,000 or more, which provides funding for special exhibitions each year.

    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Beinecke

    Evelyn T. Brandt

    Carol and Landon Butler

    Ron and Barbara Cordover

    Irwin and Ginny Edlavitch

    Dr. Mark Epstein and Amoretta Hoeber

    Michael Klein and Joan Fabry

    Shannon Fairbanks

    Greg and Candy Fazakerley

    Ms. Denise Gwyn Ferguson

    The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund

    C. Boyden Gray

    Newman T. Halvorson Jr.

    Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Jeffery III

    Ann and Mark Kington

    Betsy Scott Kleeblatt

    Robert and Arlene Kogod

    Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder

    Leonard and Judy Lauder Fund

    Thelma Z. Lenkin

    Larry and Dee Levinson

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Marriott

    Virginia Cretella Mars

    Scott Nathan and Laura DeBonis

    Prince Charitable Trusts

    Roger Sant

    Mr. and Mrs. B. Francis Saul II

    Michelle Smith †

    Dr. Abigail Spangler

    Shannon and Bennett C. Stichman/Stichman Family Foundation

    Adele M. Thomas Charitable Foundation, Inc.

    Alan M. and Nathalie P. Voorhees Fund


    The Circle of the National Gallery of Art

    The National Gallery extends thanks to the members of The Circle for their generous annual gifts of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000 or more, which provide unrestricted funding for a range of activities throughout the Gallery.



    Betsy Scott Kleeblatt


    PATRON MEMBERS ($10,000 and above)

    Anonymous (2)

    Gay and Tony Barclay

    Terri and Tom Barry

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Besharov

    Marc H. and Vivian S. Brodsky

    Carter and Melissa Cafritz Charitable Trust

    Catto Charitable Foundation

    Giuseppe and Mercedes Cecchi

    Ellen MacNeille Charles

    Judy and Richard Cohen

    Lavinia M. Currier

    Anne and Gus Edwards

    The Roger S. Firestone Foundation

    Nancy M. Folger

    Dr. Margaret A. Goodman

    Mrs. Barbara K. Gordon

    Elizabeth Marsteller Gordon

    Mr. and Mrs. Temple Grassi

    The Heinz Family Foundation

    Lynne and Joe Horning

    Mrs. Linda H. Kaufman

    Lee G. Kirstein

    Judy and Peter Blum Kovler Foundation

    Alexander M. and Judith W. † Laughlin

    LaSalle D. Leffall III

    The Lemon Foundation

    Edward Lenkin and Roselin Atzwanger

    Sueyun Locks

    Richard and Ronay Menschel

    The Paley Family

    Dr. James D. Parker

    Jackie Peebles

    Jeanne W. Ruesch

    Ms. Patricia B. Sagon

    Jacquelyn and William Sheehan

    Ellen and Gerry Sigal

    Benjamin F. and Jane F. Stapleton

    Dr. Barry and Mrs. Evelyn Strauch

    Mallory and Diana Walker

    Frederica Wheeler and Charles E. Johnson

    Ken and Dorothy Woodcock


    SUSTAINING MEMBERS ($5,000–$9,999)

    Leslie Anderson

    Aileen Athy

    Jamie Baldinger

    Miriam and Eliezer Benbassat

    Grace and Morton Bender

    Katherine M. B. Berger

    Sylvia Blake

    Barbara Boggs

    Marshall and Anne Brachman

    Andrew Brown

    Elizabeth C. Burke

    M. Challinor and H. Richardson

    Robin Rowan Clarke

    Andrea B. Currier

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis

    Dr. Joseph P. DiGangi

    The William H. Donner Foundation

    Philip G. Dufour and Todd S. Andochick

    Elizabeth W. Edgeworth

    Mrs. John Dwight Evans Jr.

    Elinor K. Farquhar

    Keith Forman and Mary Morton

    Dale and Suzi Gallagher

    Professor Joseph L. Gastwirth

    The Honorable Joseph Gildenhorn and Alma Gildenhorn

    Martha Gil-Montero and Joseph A. Page

    Graham Holdings Company

    Patrick W. and Sheila Proby Gross

    Mimi and Peter Haas Fund

    Gertraud Hechl

    Patti and Mitchell D. Herman

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hinds

    William A. Homan III

    Mrs. Sherrill M. Houghton

    Mr. Clark F. Hoyt and Ms. Linda Kauss

    The Fannie and Stephen Kahn Charitable Foundation

    Thomas S. Kenan III

    Mr. and Mrs. Jon Landau

    Jack and Betty Lou Ludwick

    John and Mary Lee Malcolm

    Jim and Tracy Millar

    Joan and Dan Mulcahy

    Diane A. Nixon

    Dr. Sushma Palmer

    Whayne and Ursula Quin

    Jacqueline Rizik

    Mrs. Thomas P. Roddy

    Roberta O. Roumel

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Rutherfoord Jr.

    Ms. Amy Sabrin and Mr. Evans Witt

    Julie Schauer

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Shelleman Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bland Smith

    David and Marcia Speck

    Eileen and Michael Tanner

    Emily and Frank Vogl

    Virginia A. Weil

    Marvin F. Weissberg

    Professor John Wilmerding

    SUPPORTING MEMBERS ($2,500–$4,999)

    Anonymous (6)

    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dees Adams

    Carolyn Small Alper †

    William and Sunny Alsup

    Ruth and Sam Alward

    Leslie S. Ariail

    Joseph Asin and Beryl Gilmore

    Ann M. Askew

    Andrew Athy Jr.

    Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell Barus

    Dr. Frances F. L. Beatty and Mr. Allen R. Adler

    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Beers

    Marguerite H. Benson

    Richard Ben-Veniste and Donna Marie Grell

    Roberta Matthews Bernstein

    Ambassador Stuart and Wilma Bernstein

    Mr. Thomas T. Bishop and Mr. Clifford L. Gregory

    Miss Elizabeth S. Bizic

    Mr. and Mrs. James I. Black III

    Ms. Elizabeth I. Board and Mr. Robert C. Hines

    Mrs. Mary E. Bork

    Robert and Hilary Brandt

    Joan and Jack Bray

    Robert D. Broeksmit and Susan G. Bollendorf

    Jere and Bonnie Broh-Kahn

    Ira Don Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Browning

    Mr. and Mrs. Wiley T. Buchanan III

    Frances Ann Bufalo

    The Honorable John E. Chapoton and Mrs. Chapoton

    Lindsay Kudner Coates

    Ana and Paul Collins

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Conboy

    Warren and Claire Cox

    Mr. Dale Dean

    Dr. Jean Karle Dean

    The Charles Delmar Foundation

    John and Anne Dickerson

    Ginger H. and H. Richard Dietrich III

    Dean and Margarita Dilley

    Edith R. Dixon

    Mr. and Mrs. Merritt P. Dyke

    Marjorie and Anthony Elson

    Mr. † and Mrs. Edward L. Emes Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. James Evans

    Frank and Mary Fahrenkopf

    Peter A. and Barbara W. Freeman

    Friends of Florence

    Mr. and Mrs. David Morgan Frost

    Anne and Paul Gambal

    David L. Gardner, MD, and Pete Williams

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Gibby

    Thomas Gibian and Christina Grady

    Elisa and Kenneth Glazer

    Mrs. Mary Granger

    David Granite, MD, and Mary Lou Oster-Granite, PhD

    Richard and Mary L. Gray Foundation

    Henry Greenewalt

    Nicole Alfandre Halbreiner

    Mrs. Frederic C. Hamilton

    Kate Haw

    Robert and Deborah Hefferon

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Herman

    Ms. Maria C. Higgins

    Anne Marie and Bill Hinman

    John † and Dori Holaday

    John K. Hoskinson and Ana I. Fábregas

    Mrs. Dirk C. Jecklin

    Pamela Jenkinson

    Mrs. Ford Kalil

    Sheldon and Audrey Katz

    Mrs. Cyrus Katzen

    Dr. and Mrs. Jay Katzen

    Lynn and Taylor Keith

    Paul Killian and Carole Goodson

    Robin and Carol King

    Michael W. Kolakowski

    David A. Lamdin

    Burks B. Lapham

    Leon Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia

    Elissa Leonard and Jay Powell

    Herb and Dianne Lerner

    Rob Liberatore and Debra Kraft

    June and Jerome Libin

    Dr. and Mrs. Keith M. Lindgren

    Tamera Luzzatto and David Leiter

    William and Barbara Lynch

    Dr. and Mrs. † Michael Maccoby

    Mr. and Mrs. Worth D. MacMurray

    Wendy W. Makins

    Mr. and Mrs. Toshi Masuoka

    Tim and Jane Matz

    Dr. Lucy McBride and Mr. Thad McBride

    Dennis K. McClellan and Steven E. Deggendorf

    Anne and Bill McDow

    Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. McKelvie

    Irma Jean and John F. McNelia

    Laurel and Robert Mendelsohn, MD

    Ms. Sabina Menschel and Mr. Edward Priestap

    A. Fenner Milton

    Ms. Sharon Moody and Mr. Kenneth Kent

    Mr. and Mrs. F. Joseph Moravec

    Bailey Morris-Eck †

    Sharon and Michael Nemeroff

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Newlin

    Dane Nichols

    Akemi Nishida and S. Paul Selavko

    Jeffrey Nuechterlein

    John and Leslie Oberdorfer

    Mike and Patty Orfini

    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Petitt

    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Pflieger Jr.

    Malcolm and Margaret Pfunder

    Mr. David C. Pierce

    Sydney M. Polakoff and Carolyn Goldman

    The Honorable Stephen W. Porter † and Mrs. Susan Porter

    Nancy Regan

    Lisa and Lacy Rice

    Ms. Cary Ridder and Mr. David Alberswerth

    Douglas and Katherine Rigler

    Molly and Rick Rolandi

    Ms. Margaret Ross

    James J. Sandman and Elizabeth D. Mullin

    Mr. Christopher M. Schroeder and Ms. Alexandra H. Coburn

    Ryan and Cindy Schwarz

    Judy and Jerry Shulman

    Sylvia and David Silver

    Howard and Page Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. T. Eugene Smith

    Dick and Katie Snowdon

    Barbara Spangenberg and Nina Mast

    Mrs. Elizabeth Steuart-Kret and Mr. Gary Arthur Kret

    Mrs. Richard L. Storch

    Elizabeth Pendelton Streicher

    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sundue

    Michele and Glenn Sutton

    Ms. Laura Symcak and Ms. Joanne Mikula

    Ms. Barbara H. Szoradi

    Chandler and Paul Tagliabue

    Mrs. Lewis Raynham Townsend

    Emily and Antoine van Agtmael

    Victoria and Michael Vergason

    The Honorable Jenonne Walker

    Mr. John W. Warner IV

    Maria Elena Weissman

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Weitzel

    The Honorable E. Allan Wendt and Ms. Que D. Nguyen

    Natalie Wilensky and Robert Bellinger

    Charles C. and Helen Wilkes

    Dr. and Mrs. Jon Willen

    Elsa B. Williams

    Edwin and Kathe Williamson

    Ms. Diane Wood

    Mr. Steven J. Wunder and Mr. Rod Hastie

    Lenore G. Zinn


    TOWER PROJECT MEMBERS ($2,500 and above)


    Ms. Dianne Adelberg

    Jamie Baldinger

    Brendan and Helen Bechtel

    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Bernat

    Miss Elizabeth S. Bizic

    Martha Blalock and Christine L. Delucchi

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Burnett

    Joan Danziger

    Dr. Joseph P. DiGangi

    Charles and Lisa Claudy Fleischman

    Howard and Shirlee Friedenberg

    Mr. and Mrs. Carter Griffin

    Ms. Ragnhild Handagard and Dr. Andy Ozment

    Ms. Nancy Hirshbein and Mr. Robert Roche

    Kimberly Hoover and Lynn Hackney

    Mr. and Mrs. Russell Katz

    Gail A. Lione and Barry L. Grossman

    James A. and Marsha Perry Mateyka

    Ms. Sophia McCrocklin and Mr. William Isaacson

    Mark and Melissa Myers

    Cheryl G. Numark

    Mr. Robert C. Rea

    Mr. and Mrs. Marc Salama-Caro

    Jack Shainman

    Paul So

    CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS ($1,000–$2,499)

    Anonymous (5)

    Ms. Ruth Abrahams

    Mr. and Mrs. Dana T. Ackerly II

    Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Aguilar

    Ross and Judy Ain

    Drs. Joseph and Seena Aisner

    Clement and Sandra Alpert Designated Endowment Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson

    Robert and Marcia Anderson

    Tippen and Andy Anderson

    Ms. Bentley R. Andrews

    Professor Judith Areen and Mr. Richard Cooper

    Linda Arret

    Hank and Joanne Asbill

    Allie and Ellen Ash

    Lila Oliver Asher

    Anne-Lise Auclair-Jones and Hal Jones

    Florence Auld and Frank C. Marshall

    Thayer and Kevin Baine

    Barbara Baker

    D. James Baker and Emily Lind Baker

    Marion Scattergood Ballard

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baly III

    Mrs. Karen Barker

    Liz Barratt-Brown and Bos Dewey

    Mary and Ed Bartlett

    Ed and Susan Basile

    Nathan and Leslie Bayer

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bechara

    Mr. Carl G. Becker and Mrs. Christine Becker

    John and Priscilla Becker

    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Becker

    Donna and Burkey Belser

    Elizabeth R. Benson

    The Honorable Kenneth E. Bentsen Jr. and Mrs. Bentsen

    Kathleen Bergen and Alexander Bastos

    Dr. and Mrs. David Bernanke

    Mark Betts and Shelley Slade

    Mr. and Mrs. † Albert J. Beveridge III

    Gene Bialek and Arlene A. Brown

    Elaine and Richard Binder

    Richard and Suzanne Bissell

    Deborah Blessing

    Dr. Helen E. Blumen and Mr. Jan P. Acton

    Countess Clarissa Bonde

    Kathy Borrus

    Blair and Josh Bourne

    Dr. Rosemary T. Bowes

    Susan Boyd

    Mary Susan Bradshaw and Gerald B. Kauvar

    Charles and Maureen Brain

    Edith H. Brewster

    Suzanne S. Brock

    Dr. Peter F. Bross

    Elizabeth and Ben Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Browne

    Mr. and Mrs. John G. Buchanan III

    Susan Buffone

    Leslie Buhler and Robert Berendt

    Janet C. Bullinger

    Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Buxton

    William E. Cain and Barbara Harman

    The Honorable John Thiers Calkins

    Dorothy A. Canter

    Ms. Mary Ann Carey

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephane Carnot

    Ms. Carol Laikin Carpenter

    Mrs. Keith Armistead Carr

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Carr

    Julie D. Carter and James M. Roberts

    Henry and Diana Cashen

    Carolyn Cason

    Major General and Mrs. George Cates

    Faya Causey

    Ms. Cynthia Chase

    Helen and Craig Chason

    Kyra Cheremeteff and Thomas W. Richardson

    Dr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Chester

    Ms. Tracy Church and Mr. Dominic Mancini

    Kate Clark and Miles Carlisle

    Mr. Larry Clark

    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Coburn

    Robert M. Coffelt Jr.

    Bonnie and Louis Cohen/Rubenstein Charitable Foundation

    Mr. Brendan Coleman

    Cindy and Rusty Conner

    Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Cooney

    Dr. and Mrs. John Cooper

    Tom and Dillon Costa

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craft

    Teresa Yancey Crane

    Ms. Olivia Crudgington

    Clare Cushman and Amédée Prouvost

    Mrs. Stuart C. Davidson

    Donn and Sharon Davis

    Philip and Sara Davis

    The Honorable Whitney Debevoise and Mrs. Debevoise

    Alexandra D. de Borchgrave

    Dr. Morgan D. Delaney and Osborne Phinizy Mackie

    Joy de Ménil and Laird Reed

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Detter

    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dicke II

    Mrs. C. Douglas Dickerson Jr.

    Carole Dickert-Scherr and Jacob Scherr

    Allison and Robert DiNardo

    Doris Dixon

    Ms. Phuong-Hoa Do and Mr. Robert Cole

    John and Joanna Driggs

    Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Droppa

    Sandra Dugoff and Richard Geltman

    Mr. and Mrs. F. John Duncan Jr.

    Mr. Joseph C. Dunn and Mr. Gustavo A. Ruiz

    Ms. Raquel Dunning

    Becky and Alan Dye

    E & B Family Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Eakin III

    Ms. Laurie Effron and Mr. John L. Goodman

    Ms. Catherine B. Elwell

    Ms. Claire Emory

    Sarah C. Epstein and Joseph P. Junkin

    Richard and Sibyl Erdman

    Mrs. Rodney E. Eyster

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Farrell

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Farver

    Myrna L. Fawcett

    Reed and Elizabeth Fawell

    Jean Taylor Federico

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Fischer

    Mr. and Mrs. William Fish

    Leslie and Tony Fitch

    Richard Flax, MD, and Katherine Alley, MD

    Ms. Gail S. Fleder

    Barbara G. Fleischman

    Col. C. Ray Flynn, USAF (retired), and James M. Shamberger

    Eleanor M. Forrer

    Florence Bryan Fowlkes

    Ann H. Franke and Daniel J. Alpert

    Pam Davis Friedler

    Gay Friedmann

    Rick and Barbara Frisbie

    James T. Fuller III and Catherine T. Porter

    Caroline D. Gabel

    Mr. David Gallalee

    Margaret and David Gardner

    Diana and Bill Garner

    Mary Cox Garner

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Gelman

    Epstein Becker & Green/The Honorable Stuart M. Gerson

    Steven B. and Katrina H. Gewirz

    Ann Gilbert

    Ms. Lise Gladstone

    Denise and Peter Glassman

    Marilyn and Michael Glosserman

    Mary Anne Goley

    Lucile M. and Jack B. Gordon

    Dr. Anita F. Gottlieb

    Mr. and Mrs. Seth Grae

    Ms. Mary Graham

    Oliver and Catherine Grant

    Alexandra and John Graubert

    Dr. Brad Gray and Ms. Helen Darling

    Dr. Lawrence Gray

    William S. and Betty K. W. Greenberg

    Mr. Vincent J. Griski and Mr. Cameron W. Knight

    Nina B. Griswold

    Mrs. Corbin Gwaltney

    Jill and Ridge Hall

    Leda McIntyre Hall

    Ms. Linnea Hamer

    Priscilla and Paul Hanley

    Ms. Tamzin T. Harding

    Ms. Althea Harlin and Mr. Peter Ross

    John and Gail Harmon

    The Honorable William Harrison and Ms. Wendy Pangburn

    Deborah Harsch and Mark Colley

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Hart

    Mr. and Mrs. Val Hawkins

    Ms. Linda Heinrich and Mr. Juan del Alamo

    Sally M. and Stephen A. Herman

    Anita G. Herrick

    Isabelle “Bea” Hessick

    Michelle and Peter High

    J. Catherine Hirsch

    Christian and Nora Hohenlohe

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Hopkins

    Charles Horn and Jane Luxton

    Sari Hornstein

    Mr. and Mrs. Outerbridge Horsey

    Mr. and Mrs. James Ned Horwood

    Sharon and Peter Hubley

    Robert and Elizabeth Huffman

    Mr. and Mrs. William K. Ince

    Mr. and Mrs. William A. James

    Mr. and Mrs. E. Stewart Jeffries

    Mr. James A. Johnson Jr. and Mr. Frank L. Spencer

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Jost

    Ruina W. Judd

    Peter J. Kadzik and Amy Weiss

    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kale

    Ann and Julius Kaplan

    Sally B. Kaplan

    Dr. Sangeeta Kaushik and Dr. Timothy Bhattacharyya

    Carol W. Kelley

    Jim and Andrea Kiernan

    Ms. Diana King and Mr. Larry J. West

    Alex and Adria Kinnier

    Michael and Evelyn Kitay

    Mr. and Mrs. Roman Knysh

    Starr Kopper

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Korengold

    Matt Korn and Cindy Miller

    Patricia and John Koskinen

    Stephen P. Koster, Esq.

    Audrey and Kenneth Kramer

    Page and Kipp Kranbuhl

    Mel and Andrea Kraus

    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Kuhnert

    Richard Landfield

    Jean and John Lange

    Ms. Emily Larson and Mr. Jonathan Skovholt

    Ms. Dina R. Lassow

    Virginia Lee

    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Leibowitz

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leiter

    Jacqueline and Marc Leland Foundation

    Terry † and Margaret Lenzner

    Ms. Marie Lerch and Mr. Jeff Kolb

    Jennifer L. Levin

    Dr. Luna Levinson and Mr. Daniel Levinson

    Leon Levy Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Levy

    Willee and H. Finlay Lewis

    Bill and Betty Livingston

    David Lloyd, Realtor

    Mandy Locke

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lofgren

    Joe and Pat Lonardo

    Charlene Longnecker and David Longnecker, MD

    Ellen Loughran, PhD

    Michele Dandrea Lowell

    Dr. Phyllis Magrab and Mr. Grant Peters

    Ms. Patricia Maher and Mr. Robert Reklaitis

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Malkin

    Michele A. Manatt and Wolfram Anders

    Barbra R. Mann

    Mr. and Mrs. Jan W. Mares

    Jennifer L. Marshall and Neal H. Flieger

    Christine Martin

    Mr. and Mrs. I. Guyman Martin III

    Harry and Judith Martin

    Mr. and Mrs. Roman Martinez

    Mr. C. Raymond Marvin

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matheson

    Mr. and Mrs. Colvin T. Matheson

    Roy and LeeAnn Matthews

    Drs. Isaak and Deborah Mayergoyz

    Jacquelyn G. Mayfield and Joseph B. Patuleia

    Michael and Hannah Mazer

    Mrs. Sheryl Heckler Mazzatenta

    Edward and Tessa McBride

    Mr. James McBride

    Camilla McCaslin

    Mark McConnell and Leslie Delagran

    Cathy and Scot McCulloch

    Ms. Patricia M. McDermott and Mr. John R. Malgeri

    Ms. Margaret McDonald and Mr. William Gruen

    John D. and Martha Benson McGrane

    Ms. Elizabeth McGrath

    Ms. Cynthia Adler McKee

    The Honorable Roderick R. McKelvie and Ms. Claire M. McCarthy

    Donna C. and Thomas F. McLarty III

    Rona and Allan Mendelsohn

    David and Anne Menotti

    Anne L. Metcalf

    Catie Meyer

    Salma G. Mikhail, PhD

    Maxine Whalen Millar

    Dennis and Patricia Miller

    Edward and Noël Miller

    Karl and Elaine Miller

    Toby and Myra Moffett

    Wanda and Roger Monthey

    Joanna L. Moorhead and Ralph A. Taylor Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. David B. Morgan

    Adrienne and Jarrett Morrell

    Teresa and Grant Morris

    Kent and Dale Morrison

    Seymour and Pearl Moskowitz

    James J. and Susan D. Murphy

    Ms. Shaun Murphy and Mr. William McGreevey

    Catherine Murray

    Mrs. Donald B. Myer

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Myers

    Sue and Alyson Myers

    Christine Neptune and Robert Brown

    Kim Nettles

    Sherry and Louis Nevins

    William and Louisa Newlin

    Rob and Rebecca Nichols

    Dr. Sara Nieves-Grafals and Mr. Albert Getz

    Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Nirenberg

    Gail and Gary Nordheimer

    Ms. Evelina Norwinski

    Dr. and Mrs. Kaldun Nossuli

    Giselle Larroque Obermeier and Stephen J. Obermeier

    Deedy Ogden

    Roger H. Ogden

    Pilar and Bill O’Leary

    Orentreich Family Foundation

    Caroline Osborne

    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Osnos

    Patty and Carroll † Owens

    Ms. Vita Pagnani

    Mr. and Mrs. Tony Parker

    Lynn Parseghian and Nat Cohen

    Gail Kern Paster and Philip J. Catapano

    Judy L. Patterson

    Kathleen F. Patterson and Floyd L. Norton

    Alma and John Paty

    Judge and Mrs. Michael T. Paul

    Jonathan and Jill Pearlman

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pease

    Robert Andrew Peccola and Patrick Dupré Quigley

    Jean Perin

    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Coleman Perkins

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perry

    Ms. Mary Peterson and Ms. Lucille Hamblin

    Mr. and Mrs. Devereaux Phelps

    Ms. Diane Pirkey and Mr. Darrel Grinstead

    Dr. and Mrs. David A. Pistenmaa

    Liz and Greg Platts

    Mary Margaret and Scott Plumridge

    Mr. Jeffrey S. Powell

    Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Pratt

    Richard Price and Yung Chang

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raffensperger

    Eden W. Rafshoon

    David and Meghan Rainey

    Mr. and Ms. David Ramer

    Susan Rappaport

    Wanda Rappaport and George Mueller

    Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Reaves

    Cynthia Redick and Robert Brent

    Thomas L. Reese

    Mr. and Mrs. Thorburn Reid

    Diana Reuter-Twining

    Mr. and Mrs. R. Roland Reynolds

    Mrs. Lynn Rhomberg

    Robert and Madeleine Rix

    Gretchen and Michael Robbins

    Cara W. Robertson

    Dr. William W. Robertson Jr. and Karel Dierks Robertson

    Jane Washburn Robinson

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Robinson Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Clifton E. Rodgers Jr.

    Ms. Katrina Roeckelein and Mr. Philip de Picciotto

    Michael Rogan and Susan Schaffer

    Wynefred W. Rogerson

    Anne and John Rollins

    Eileen Dugan Romano

    Shirley and Bill Rooker

    Mrs. Milton Rose

    Ms. Rochelle Rosenfeld and Mr. Jesse Arbogast

    Helen G. Ross

    Nancy L. Ross

    Ms. Victoria Rostrow and Dr. David Hiatt

    Marcia T. Rounsaville

    David and Carolyn Ruben

    Anne and Henry Reich Family Foundation, Lee Rubenstein, Co-President

    Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Rudzki

    Ann Satterthwaite

    Savitt Family Fund of Tides Foundation

    Edith Schafer

    Mrs. Frances Way Schafer

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schoenfeld

    Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo M. Schultz

    Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Schwartz

    Fred Scott and Karen Turner

    Cathryn Dickert Scoville and Thomas Scoville

    Professor R. Mark Scowcroft

    Joan Searby

    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Senkus

    Ms. Margaret A. Shepard

    Barbara Sherwin

    Mary Shockey

    Dr. Irwin Shuman and Elaine O. Feidelman

    Hugh and Ruth Sickel

    Nancy and Simon Sidamon-Eristoff

    Fanchon Silberstein

    John Silton and Betty Bullock

    Barry and Beth Simon

    Madlen and Marc Simon

    Mr. Charles J. Simpson Jr. and Mrs. Pamela Raymont-Simpson

    Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sonneborn

    Mrs. Dolores Spitznagel-Stanko and Mr. Joseph Stanko

    Ms. Joanne M. Sten

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Stettinius

    Mrs. Mary Stettinius

    Elizabeth and George Stevens Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Stifel Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Stoufer

    Mr. and Mrs. David Straut

    Douglas Struck

    Mr. and Mrs. John Sukenik

    Nuzhat Sultan and Anil Revri

    Hilary and Frank Swain

    Ms. Margery Anne Swanson and Mr. Charles G. Brown

    Jake and Carrington Tarr

    Mr. Ragan S. Tate and Mr. Bobby P. Stone

    Dr. Stanley Tempchin and Mrs. Ruth Seif

    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tennille

    Ms. Paula Thiede

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Thompson

    Mrs. Joy A. Thornton

    William R. and Norma K. Tiefel

    Mr. and Mrs. William Tilghman

    Mike and Lalie Tongour

    Jessica and Henry Townsend

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Travers

    Ms. Laura Travis-DePrest and Mr. Geert DePrest

    William E. Trueheart and Carol A. Word

    Jennifer Urquhart and Elliott Jones

    The Honorable Margaret E. G. Vanderhye and Robert A. Vanderhye

    Jane Stuart Vander Poel and Edoardo Lenzetti

    Mr. and Mrs. George D. Vassiliou

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Vaughn

    Robert P. Venuti

    Melanne and Philip Verveer

    Barbara S. Wahl and Charles D. Ossola

    Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Walker

    Diane and Marty Wapner

    Carol Warden

    Anne Webb

    Ms. Angela Caveness Weisskopf

    Judge Thomas B. Wells and Mrs. Mary Jo Wells

    Dorothy B. Wexler

    Dr. Brandy White and Dr. Anthony Malanoski

    Ms. Jan Pomerantz and Mr. Everett H. Wilcox

    Suzanne and Richard Willett

    Williams Family Foundation of Georgia, Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Cope Willis

    Mrs. Joanne Wilson

    Ms. Margot Dinneen Wilson

    Mrs. Curtin Winsor III

    David and Page Winstead

    Ms. Maxanne Witkin

    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wright

    Robert and Linda Yahn

    Charlotte Young and Calvin Cobb

    Ms. Elizabeth Young and Mr. John M. Benziger

    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zelano

    Margot Zimmerman


    The Legacy Circle

    Legacy Circle members are those who have decided to include the National Gallery in their estate plans through various means.


    Anonymous (44)

    The Adels Family

    Seena and Joseph Aisner, MD

    Carolyn Small Alper †

    Dennis Alter

    Lynn K. Altman Family Trust

    Merribel S. Ayres

    Ann M. † and Thomas W. Barwick

    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Beinecke

    Mr. L. Graeme Bell III

    Dava Berkman

    Philip D. Berlin and Olivia P. Adler

    Professor John Andrew Bernstein

    Robert Hunt Berry in memory of R. K. Mellon, Ormond E. Hunt, and Paul Mellon

    Thomas T. Bishop and Clifford L. Gregory

    The Honorable † and Mrs. William McCormick Blair Jr.

    Ambassador and Mrs. Donald Blinken in memory of Maurice H. Blinken

    Deidre Bosley

    Jay Bowyer and Christopher Greer

    Andrew Brown

    Ruth H. Buchanan †

    Frances Ann Bufalo

    Vincent J. Buonanno

    Gilbert Butler

    Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell G. Byers Jr.

    Buffy and William † Cafritz

    John P. Cahill

    Norman and Carolyn K. Carr

    Kay L. Casstevens

    Faya Causey

    Chuck L. Chandler

    Bruce and Sharyn Charnas

    A. James Clark † and Alice B. Clark

    Thomas † and Robin Clarke

    Brenda B. Coakley

    Keith and Ann Conrad

    T. A. Cox †

    Ian † and Annette Cumming

    Ted Dalziel

    Joan Danziger

    Muriel G. Davidson

    Roy † and Cecily Langdale Davis

    Shirley Ross Davis

    Virginia L. Dean

    Alexandra D. de Borchgrave

    Cristina Del Sesto

    Dr. Lois de Ménil and Dr. George de Ménil

    Mr. Harry DeMott and Dr. Samantha Aldred

    Marion F. Deshmukh

    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dicke II

    Dr. J. Robert DiFulgo

    Dr. Joseph P. DiGangi

    Roger and Barbara Ditman

    Alessandra Manning Dolnier

    Patricia A. Donovan

    Robert W. † and Louisa C. Duemling

    Virginia Dwan

    Merritt P. Dyke

    Joan M. Eckert

    Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz

    Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Elliott

    The Epstein Family Collection

    Dr. K. Bolling Farmer

    Lee and Ann Fensterstock

    Andrew Fisher & Jeffry Weisman

    Aaron I. Fleischman

    Peter T. Foley

    Michael C. Forman and Jennifer S. Rice

    Douglas and Pamela Fowler

    Dr. Catherine Blanton Freedberg

    Barbara W. Freeman

    Howard and Shirlee Friedenberg

    Barry D. Friedman

    Maryann and Alvin † Friedman

    David Morgan Frost

    Morton and Norma Lee Funger

    Suzi Gallagher

    Jo Ann and Julian Ganz, Jr.

    William H. Gerdts † and Abigail Booth Gerdts

    Mr. † and Mrs. Carl S. Gewirz

    Kay Giddens Glenday

    Milly and Arne Glimcher

    Mary Anne Goley

    Dr. Margaret A. Goodman

    Cheryl O. Gorelick

    Joyce Z. Greenberg in memory of her husband, Jacob Greenberg

    Lenore and Bernard Greenberg

    Sarah Greenough

    Agnes Gund

    The Stephen Hahn Family Collection

    Denise Hale

    John C. Harbert, MD †

    Harry W. Havemeyer

    Richard C. and Elizabeth A. Hedreen

    Deborah and Robert Hefferon

    Helen Lee Henderson

    Dennis E. Henley and Nora L. Shea

    Judith F. Hernstadt

    Maria C. Higgins

    William L. Hopkins and Richard B. Anderson †

    Jeffrey E. Horvitz

    Timothy and Suzanne Hyde

    Arthur C. G. Hyland

    Carol Nigro and Charles T. Isaacs

    Pamela Jenkinson

    Mr. James A. Johnson Jr.

    Paul M. Kanev

    Linda Lichtenberg Kaplan

    Betsy Karel

    Kasper †

    Jak Katalan

    Gift of Kaufman Americana Foundation in honor of George M. † and Linda H. Kaufman

    Richard † and Elaine Kaufman

    Judith Keenan

    Thomas and Kathleen Koepsell

    Robert and Arlene Kogod

    Michael W. Kolakowski

    Christie Kramer and Charles Kirby

    Julie LaFave

    Stephen L. Lake

    Evelyn † and Leonard Lauder

    Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder

    Alexander M. and Judith W. † Laughlin

    Arthur Lazarus Jr. †

    Virginia Lee in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Chai-Chang Choi

    The Honorable and Mrs. Marc E. Leland

    Lynne R. Levin

    Simon and Bonnie Levin

    Donald V. Lincoln

    Robert † and Mary Looker

    Angela M. LoRé in memory of her parents, Charles and Alice LoRé

    Nan Gillies Lower

    Jack and Betty Lou Ludwick

    Susan and Peter MacGill

    Joan and David Maxwell

    McCain McMurray and Cameron Griffith

    Ellen McPeake

    Mr. Robert B. Menschel

    Julie Middleton

    Mr. Harvey Shipley Miller and Mr. J. Randall Plummer

    Kent and Marcia Minichiello

    Daniel Minnich and Ann Moser

    Diane L. Morris

    Ann Mosca

    The Honorable Alfred H. Moses and Fern M. Schad

    Robert B. and Tanni D. Newlin

    Jeffrey Hugh Newman

    Ann K. Richards Nitze

    Diane A. Nixon

    Geraldine E. Ostrove

    Stephen and Claudine Ostrow

    Mary and John Pappajohn

    Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Riggs Parker

    Dr. James D. Parker

    Elisa M. Patterson

    Ainslie and Keith Peoples

    Dewayne and Faith Perry

    Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips

    Judith D. Pomeranz

    Helen Porter and James T. Dyke

    Mrs. Susan Porter and The Honorable Stephen † W. Porter

    Richard and Jeanne Press

    Richard J. Price

    Judy Lynn Prince

    Francis H. Rasmus

    Carol Bird Ravenal, PhD †

    Mary L. Regan

    Diane Rehm

    Anita and Burton Reiner †

    Paul Richard

    Mr. † and Mrs. George W. Riesz

    The Rizik Family

    Susan Roberts

    Mary and David † Robinson

    Andrew Robison

    Sharon Percy Rockefeller

    Felicia Warburg Rogan

    Diane Rosacker

    James Hassell Ross Jr.

    Trina and Lee G. Rubenstein

    William Rudolf

    Gwendolyn Russell

    Jeff Sackrider

    Irving † and Lucy Sandler

    Douglas Schaller

    Deanna J. Schupbach, PhD

    David P. Schuyler †

    Charles and Helen Schwab

    Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz

    Cathryn Dickert Scoville

    Deborah and Ed Shein

    Ruth and Hugh Sickel

    Gerald and Ellen Sigal

    John Silberman and Elliot Carlen

    Iris Silverman

    Albert and Shirley Small

    Robert H. † and Clarice Smith

    Mary and Dan Solomon

    Richard Spear and Athena Tacha Spear

    Robert M. Stana and William T. Judy Jr.

    James D. and Kathryn K. Steele

    Stephen G. Stein

    Robert Stockho

    Mrs. Walter J. Stoessel Jr.

    Donald D. Stone

    Lou M. Stovall and Di B. Stovall

    Robert T. and Bonnie Sweet

    Christine Taylor and Lee Broughton

    Stanley and Barbara † Tempchin

    Ann Van Devanter Townsend and Lewis Raynham † Townsend

    Christiane and James Valone

    Daniel and Winifred van der Rijn

    Jack and Margrit Vanderryn

    André-François H. Villeneuve

    Dorothy and Herbert † Vogel

    Bettye S. Walker

    Ambassador Jenonne Walker

    Mallory and Diana Walker

    Mrs. Patricia A. Walters

    David Warnock

    Thomas and Mary Washington

    Jane P. Watkins

    Michael H. Weaver †

    Mrs. Robert M. Weidenhammer

    Angela Caveness Weisskopf

    The Honorable Allan Wendt and Que D. Nguyen

    Larry J. West and Diana King

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Whelihan

    Malcolm Wiener

    Professor John Wilmerding

    Christopher and Beverly With in memory of Karl and Gerda With

    Andrea Woodner

    Dian Woodner

    David F. Wright in memory of my good friend, John Taylor Arms IV

    Steven J. Wunder

    Judy and Leo Zickler

    Charles S. and Elynne B. Zucker


    † Deceased


    Every effort has been made to create a complete and accurate list of contributors. Due to limited space, gifts under $1,000 are not listed.


    Gifts to the National Gallery may be made in the form of cash, securities, or real and personal property, and may be directed toward specific programs or be designated as unrestricted. Some donors make outright gifts, while others elect to make deferred gifts to help provide for the future. All gifts and bequests are deductible, within the limits prescribed by law, for applicable federal tax purposes. For further information, please call the development office at (202) 842-6372.