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Michelangelo Guidi
Mich Angelus Guidi, Mich’Angelo Guidi, Michelangelus Guidius, Michelangelus Guidus, Mich’Angelus Guidi, Michel’Angelo Guidi, Michel’ Angelo Guidi, Michelang.s Guidius, Michal’Angelo Guidi, Michael Angelus Guidus, Mich’Angelo Guido, Michal Angelo Guidi, Michael Angelus Guidi, Iohannes Michelangelo Guidi, Mich’Angelus Guidus, Michael Angelus Guidius, MichaelAngelus Guidus, Michael Angelus Gui, Michale Anngelo Guidi, Michel Angelo Guidi

Ruolo(i): Artista

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