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lower right below image in graphite: Eugène Carrière; lower left below image in graphite: No 38.; lower left in stone: Eugène Carrière

Marks and Labels

BS: Estampe Originale


Virginia and Ira Jackson, Houston; gift to NGA, 2001.

Delteil, Loys. Le peintre-graveur illustre. 31 vols. Paris: Published by the author, 1906-1926. Reprint. New York: Collectors Editions, Da Capo Press, 1969. Vol. 30 (Albert Besnard) is by Louis Godefroy.
Boyer, Patricia Eckert, and Phillip Dennis Cate. L'Estampe originale: Artistic Printmaking in France 1893 - 1895. Zwolle, 1991: 12.
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