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(Arthur Sambon, Paris). Benno Geiger [1882-1965], Vienna. (Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi, Florence) by 1929;[1] purchased 1939 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York;[2] gift 1943 to NGA.

Exhibition History
Golden Gate International Exposition, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, 1940, no. 161.
Paintings by Alessandro Magnasco, Durlacher Brothers, New York, 1940, no. 1.
Alessandro Magnasco 1667-1749, Civico Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Palazzo Reale, Milan, 1996, no. 43, repro.
Technical Summary

The support is a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric. It was prepared with a grayish white ground, over which was applied a reddish brown imprimatura. A thin layer of dark brown patint was used to lay in the lower landscape, and the figures and other elemements were roughed in over it using unblended strokes of lead white paint. After the figures were completed, thick swaths of paint were applied with random strokes in the landscape area. Finally, impastoed highlights and details were added. The reddish brown imprimatura shows through in the sky and landscape, where it serves as a middle tone.

There are significant losses and abrasion throughout. The largest loss is to the right of Christ, encompassing most of his left side and all of his arm. The yellowed varnish is generally thick but thinner in lighter passages. The painting was relined, discolored varnish was removed, and the painting was restored by Stephen Pichetto in 1940. Most recently, discolored varnish was removed and the painting was restored by Mario Modestini in 1960.

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