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This companion of the Roman goddess of hunting and the moon was meant to be seen among green leaves in the gardens of Marly, a palace of King Louis XIV of France. She belongs to a planned series of statues, of which only a few were completed before the king's death in 1715. Marly served as a hunting retreat where the king could shed the burdens and formality of his main palace at Versailles, and the style and expression of Lemoyne's nymph suggest such relaxation. Twisting with effortless grace, she beams down at an affectionate hound. Open spaces between her torso, limbs, and drapery make the marble look light.


on pedestal, proper right: j.L. LEMOYNE. PARiSiNVS. FECIT. / 1724


Château de la Muette, near Paris, until the late 19th century;[1] sold to (Wildenstein & Co., Inc., Paris, New York, and London); Rodolphe Kann [d. 1905], Paris; (Duveen Brothers, Inc., London, New York, and Paris); sold 20 November 1908 to Peter A.B. Widener, Lynnewood Hall, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania;[2] inheritance from Estate of Peter A.B. Widener by gift through power of appointment of Joseph E. Widener, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania; gift 1942 to NGA.


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