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around circumference: GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS MAGNUS DEI GRATIA SUECOR:GOTHOR:ET VANDALOR:REX AUGUSTUS; radiating from the sun: EUGE SERVE FIDELIS; on the scroll: VEL MORTUUM FUGIUNT; in exergue: NATUS 9 DE[omega]C:ANNO 1594 / GLORIOSE MORTUUS 6 / NO[omega]U:ANO 1632.


Purchased c. 1960/1985 by Lisa and Leonard Baskin, Leeds, Massachusetts; gift 2003 to NGA.

Pollard, John Graham. Renaissance Medals. The Collections of the National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogue. 2 vols. Washington, 2007: 2:no. 914, repro.
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