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The pose of this boy, who appears ready to jump up, recalls paintings and sculpture by Michelangelo, to whom the statue was once attributed. But the refined physique reflects Susini's training by his uncle Antonio, an assistant to the late 16th-century bronze sculptor Giovanni Bologna. In Florentine art the city's patron saint, John the Baptist, often appears as a boy, providing a devout role model for children. The Lamb of God at his feet symbolizes Jesus, whose coming John foretold. With holy water filling the shell in John's hand, the statue might have stood against the wall of a chapel, with one figure gazing toward the altar, the other toward entering worshippers.


Purchased 1900 near Bologna by (Albitez), as by Andrea Sansovino, for Daniel Z. Noorian [d. 1929], New York and Newark;[1] (his estate sale, American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, New York, 12-14 March 1931, no. 643, as by Sansovino, bought in);[2] retained by Noorian's widow, Belle Ward Noorian; possibly (sale, Parke-Bernet, New York,1942);[3] (Piero Tozzi [1882-1974], New York);[4] his estate; purchased 26 October 2005 through (Robert Simon Fine Art, New York, New York) by NGA.

Exhibition History

Leonardo Da Vinci Loan Exhibition, Los Angeles County Museum, 1949, no. 101, repro., as Attributed to Pierino da Vinci.
Loan for display with permanent collection, Casa Buonarotti, Florence, 1957-1959.
Vatican Pavilion, New York World's Fair, 1965, as Attributed to Michelangelo, not in catalogue.
The Sculpture of Giovan Angelo Montorsorli and his Circle: Myth and Faith in Renaissance Florence, Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2018-2019.


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