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below image: DROMADAIRE FAICT APRES LE NATVREL ALION PAR GEORGE MATHIEV; on verso, at bottom left, in graphite: N P. 8 p. 312 Mattheus?; at bottom right, in graphite: 16129 / Y3P (?); at bottom right, in red ink: 88901


Friedrich August, King of Saxony, Dresden [1797-1854] (Lugt 971). (Paul Prouté, S. A., Paris, 1999); Ruth Kainen [1922-2009], Washington, D.C., purchased February 5, 1999; Gift to NGA, 2012.

Hollstein, F.W.H. et al. German engravings, etchings and woodcuts ca. 1400-1700. 8 vols. Amsterdam: Menno Hertzberger, 1954-186: no. 10, only
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