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signed by artist, across bottom in black ink: William S. Burroughs slightly zonked, his dooryard-garden wall Villa Muneria, looking at me suspic- / iously, "Who are you an agent for? He "traced back along word-llines," cut-up technique of anti-brainwash lang- / uage analysis, inquiring sources of my mental conditioning, perhaps Liberal Professor Trilling, perhaps "a trust / of giant insects from another Galaxy" conspiring to make Nova Conditions on our Planet, exterminate HomoSap [sic] / the Human animal so another life-form, virus invasion, move in on the Turf, suchlike [sic] poetries on his mind. / Timothy Leary visited from Harvard, we took small amount of Psylocibin [sic], Bill shut himself inside his / garden gate with a wave of his hand, allergic, paranoia season. Peter Orlovsky departed alone, ship / to Athens, Bill employed for Scandinavia L.S.O. Conference leaving Gregory Corso and myself waving / him goodbye at the airport Limo on Boulevard Pasteur. We all rejoined company in Paris later that year. Here Tangier, May 1961. Allen Ginsberg; rubber stamp in black ink, center: Photograph By / Allen Ginsberg / COPYRIGHT 1994 NYC / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / Fax 212-675-1686; by unknown hand, bottom right in graphite: AG signed 10/25/95; lower right in graphite: 1/3 SK / Tanger 1961 / 47/810; bottom center in graphite: GD-AG-7; bottom right in graphite: GDC-905


Allen Ginsberg Estate; Gary S. Davis, Greenwich, CT; gift to NGA, 2010.

Associated Names
Davis, Gary S.
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