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signed and captioned by artist, across bottom in black ink: Gregory Corso serious straightforward looking at / me on Jane Faigao's patio, hot tub behind him, he'd / taken psychedelic "Ecstasy" powders earlier in the day / - - "Empathy" probably be a more accurate name - - / we were teaching at Narapa Poetics School, July / 29, 1985. Allen Ginsberg; by unknown hand, across bottom in graphite: GDC-601 GDC-602; on verso, by unknown hand, across bottom in graphite: GDC-602 CD-AG-25 GDC-601; lower left on mount circled: #4; across bottom: Image# 14268 GD-AG-25 Image; lower right: GDC-596 Image# 11815 GDC-601 + GDC-602 52


Gary and Ellen Davis, Greenwich, CT; gift to NGA, 2011.

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