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signed and captioned by artist, across bottom in black ink: Korean War Vet Ken Babbs, Captain of Ken Kesey's "Trips Festival" bus, co piloting Neal Cassady on / Amphetamine at wheel rolling up highway to Millbrook estate near Poughkipsie N.Y. where Dr. Tim O'Leary's / Castalia Foundation was then experimenting with D.M.T. on half hour psychedelic trip useful for / psychiatric sessions. Burgler Gordon Liddy, then assistant D.A. in Poughkipsie raided the Foundation a num- / ber of times illegally lacking search warrants during that season, so Castalia folk were jittery on arrival / of honking Day-glo graffit'd "Merry Prankster" [underline] Further bus which'd been driven Crosscountry / S.F. to N.Y. via Texas before Fall 1964 Presidentiad, "A Vote For Goldwater is a vote for Fun" / logo painted above bus side windows, L.S.D. Kool-aid in pitcher in icebox. Kesey & Pranksters'd met with / Jack Kerouac a day before, & set out to visit hero Leary first time, I went along, late summer 1964. / Allen Ginsberg; artist's stamp across center in black ink: Photograph By / Allen Ginsberg / COPYRIGHT 1994 NYC / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / Fax 212-675-1686; by unknown hand, bottom center in graphite: GD-AG-73 PF 46103H; bottom right diagonal in graphite: AG signed 10/25/95 / 67/1496 / 1964-New York / 1/2 SR 10/95; bottom right in graphite: GDC-996


Gary and Ellen Davis, Greenwich, CT; gift to NGA, 2011.

Associated Names
Davis, Gary S.
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