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pagination in pen and brown ink upper left or right corner of each page; on paper label on lower spine in red ink: XXXI. / 4426; in black ink: Phalaridis / 1505 (followed by undecipherable numbers)

front paste-down: top half of page in pen and brown ink, contents of the book are listed; ur in graphite, “Tarquin super Temp[indeciph.] / Pythagoras war 5 mond[indeciph.]”; also ur in graphite, circled, “xxxi.e. / 4426”; lc in graphite, “pg 63 Athen fabri perilai mors in tauro quo fecerat / __68 Sthesicoro poetae litt[indecip] / __275 Semiramis grab”

front free endpaper: uc in pen and brown ink, “Ex Bibliotheca / Laneana / 1757”; below in pen and brown ink, in another hand, “Dr Liebenall. / [indecip] d. Buch / 1838 zum Nahmenstage”; below pen and brown ink, in another hand, “Josephus Salzbergius ex dono Herimanni”; ul in graphite, “0599 / DON”; ur in graphite, “2416”; cr in graphite, “8 works bound in 1 volume / including the First Printed Cookery Book / APICIUS. De re coquinaria libri decem / [Venice: 1503] [Fourth edition]”

back paste-down: ur in graphite, “HBS 32518D / 10282”


Bibliotheca Laneana, 1757; Dr. Liebenall, 1838; Herimanni; Josephus Salzbergius; Bernard Quaritch, Ltd., London; Anonymous gift to NGA, 2002.

Associated Names
Quaritch Ltd., Bernard
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