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in image, on left: "O Sacre Dieu! - vat blessing be de Liberte/ vive le Assemblè Nationale! - no more Tax! / no more Slavery! - all Free Citizen! ha hah! / by Gar, how ve live! - ve svim in de Milk & Honey!"; in image, on wall: Map of the French Conquests; lower center: FRENCH LIBERTY; lower center in plate: Js. Gy. desn. et fect. pro bono publico- / London. Pubd. December 21, 1792, by H. Humphrey N. 18 Old Bond Street; right in image: BRITANNIA / STERLING; "Ah! this cursed Ministry! they'll ruin / us, with their damn'd Taxes! / -why, Zounds! - they're making Slaves of / us all, & Starving us to Death!"; lower right in plate: BRITISH SLAVERY; by later hand, lower right verso in graphite: earliest printing and colouring / 1211 2 BEHM


(Andrew Edmunds, London); purchased 2012 by NGA.

Associated Names
Edmunds, Andrew
Wright, Thomas and Robert H. Evans. Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray; Comprising a Political and Humorous History of the Latter Part of the Reign of George the Third. London, 1851. Reprint. NY: B. Blom, 1968: no. 94
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