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by inheritance to his sister, Agnes C. Wade, 1977; by inheritance 1993 to Geraldine E. Garrow, Georgia M. Allred, Guy W. Wade Jr. and Gail M. Johnson; transferred 1996 to James Castle Collection (comprised of the heirs of Agnes C. Wade); transferred 2011 to James Castle Collection and Archive LP; acquired 2013 by NGA

Exhibition History
October 14, 2008-January 4, 2009. James Castle: A Retrospective. Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Percy, Ann. James Castle: A Retrospective. (Exh. Cat. Philadelphia Museum of Art) Philadelphia, 2008: p. 50 figure 114.
Brodie, Judith. "James Castle, Drawings, Artists' Books, and Assemblages." Bulletin / National Gallery of Art, no. 48 (Spring 2013): 28-29.
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