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on pasted label on upper cover in brown ink: Views in Venice; in blue pen, inside upper cover, upper center: 56-7-24; center in graphite: ref Print Collector's Quarterly / vol 17 pp155-168 / Luca Carlivaris / by Campbell Dodgson / this is the first edition / (underlined) Title + Dedication + 101 views / 103 leaves total / complete (?); in blue pen across top of dedication: Luca Carlivariis, called Casanobrio and Luca di là Zenobrio (1665-1731)


(M. Knoedler & Co., label inside from upper cover, Class N. No. 945, Acq. No. 1963 (8371), New York). Arthur and Charlotte Vershbow, Boston; (sale, Christie's New York, 20 June 2013, no. 460); purchased 2013 by NGA.

Pollak, Martha et al.The Mark J. Millard Architectural Collection: Italian and Spanish Books Fifteenth through Nineteenth Centuries. IV. Washington, 2000: no. 29.