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on verso, stamped, upper left in black ink with blue pencil underlining: PEIPING ESSAY 48; by unknown hand, upper right in graphite, crossed out: 67+ / Chen quilt and fur [earmu]ffs help this aged / rickshaw ride[r] to bear December winds / in Peiping, China; stamped, perpendicular, upper right in blue ink: 28316-E [letter in blue pencil]; stamped, upper center in red ink: USED IN LIFE JAN 3 1949 P16 / INTERNATIONAL EDITION JAN 31 1949 P54 [page numbers in graphite]; center in graphite: 76 / 274 /28; center in red pencil, underlined: D; perpendicular, center in black pencil: D; center in graphite, with arrow extending across page: 15T; lower center in blue pencil: x OLD PEOPLE - MEN / x CHINA - P&C / x VEHICLES - RICKSHAWS; lower center in graphite, crossed out: old man with earmuffs / in pedicab; stamped, inverted, lower left in black ink: DEC 22 1948; stamped, lower center in black ink: LIFE PHOTO / BY / Cartier-Bresson from Magnum [in graphite, circled with red pencil]; lower right in graphite: PF49183 (GD-TL-262) GDC-182


(Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York); Gary Davis, Greenwich, CT, purchased 2002; gift to NGA, 2013.

Cartier-Bresson, Henri. “A Last Look at Peiping.” Life (03/01/1949): 16.
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