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text in plate:
In Honor / of / George Washington / the simple majesty of whose Character, / Too Sublime / For Elaborate Eulogy, / like the lineaments / of his / Extraordinary / Countenance, / will never cease to be familiar / to Virtuous Humanity / until time shall close his records / and the Heavens / shall pass away as a Scroll. / Born Feb. 22d. 1732. / Died Dec. 14th. 1799. / Patriae Pater. / Painted by G.C. Stuart. / Eng. by J.W. Paradise. / Composed & Design'd by Isaac F. Bragg / Entered according to act of Congress by Leonard Hunt A.D. 1835 in the Clerks office of the District Court of the United States for the South District of New York. / Engraved by Theo. Durand.


Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; acquired 2015 by the National Gallery of Art

Hart, Charles Henry. Catalogue of the Engraved Portraits of Washington. New York, Grolier Club, 1904, p. 244, no. 580.