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lower center printed in image: VIEW OF THE BACK OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY’S / SUIT COAT SHOWING BULLET ENTRANCE HOLE.; lower right: EXHIBIT / 59; across bottom: (ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY AMS, JUNE 25—WITH WARREN REPORT STORY) / (NY49-June 13) KENNEDY’S JACKET—Critics claim location of bullet hole is / too far down in jacket to be consistent with a wound in the back which / also exited from the wound in the front of the neck. Kennedy, however, had / his arm upraised at the time he was shot. Some critics also said hole / is measured from coat collar but do not mention measurement should be from / the “top of” the collar. Some critics do not mention that the fabric of / the hole was bent inwards. And also that the doctor’s autopsy report failed to mention that fabric was found in Kennedy’s backwound. / (APWirephoto) (b31955fls)67; on verso, by unknown hand, top left in blue ink: Warren Report; upper right stamped in black ink perpendicular: OTHER; center stamped in red ink perpendicular: ENGRAVING ORDER / SUBJECT / SIZE / CALL CHRONICLE SUNDAY / CAPTION PAGE / CUTLINE STYLE / Deliver to / ordered by / Remarks; lower right printed in black ink on applied barcode label perpendicular: ABT-615-MC


Jo Tartt, Jr., Warrenton, VA; NGA purchase, 2015.

Associated Names
Tartt, Jo
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