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Marks and Labels

rubber stamped on verso in black:

This piece is 1/1000 of a total work composed of 250 prints each of four different colors: red, yellow, blue

This piece "exists" when installed. The piece is conceived as occupying four walls, each 200'' long
by 40" high, each color occupying a separate wall. Each wall is divided into 250 8" square units measuring
26 units long by 10 units high (see diagram below). In order to "exist" the piece must be installed as
closely as possible to the following instructions:

1. Each piece must be vertical
2. Each piece must be installed on any given wall at its proper location in accordance with the penciled
number on the grid printed below
3. If you have two or more colors, each color must be installed on a separate wall in the same room
4. In order to properly locate your piece, please observe the following rules:

If your piece is:
BLUE-start measuring from the top left corner of your wall
GREEN-start measuring from the top right corner of your wall
RED-start measuring from the bottom right corner of your wall
YELLOW-start measuring from the bottom left corner of your wall

[a stamped 10 by 25 grid covers lower portion of verso] inscribed in pencil in second box over and second up from the lower right corner: 224

5. If your wall is not large enough to accommodate your piece, please ask for an exchange
6. If your piece will be framed, it is recommended that you use a frame without an edge

D.B., New York, December 1976


Gift to NGA in 2015 by Bob Stana and Tom Judy, Washington, DC.

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