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Lettered upper right: "Forma partis Templi Divi Petri in Vaticano", "Michael Angelus Bonarotus Inventor"
Lettered lower left and right: "Romae Vincentius Luchinus Excu." "Cum Privilegio MDLXIIII"
Lettered upper left: "Pio IIII P. M. Dicatum"


Weingarten Monastery, Swabia, 1632 (title page inscription in the NGA "Speculum"). Cistercian Abbey of Notre-Dame du Val-Dieu, Belgium (bookplate: Ex libris Vallis Dei). English export license recording the sale of this volume in 1974 by E.P. Goldschmidt & Co., Ltd., London; Daniel Donahue, Santa Barbara, CA; (Liber Antiquus, Washington, D.C.); purchased 2012 by NGA.

Associated Names
Dowling, Paul M.
Huelsen, Christian. "Das Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae des Antonio Lafreri." Collectanea variae doctrinae Leoni Olschki. Munich: 1921: no. 96a.
Rubach, Birte. Ant. Lafreri Formis Romae: Der Verleger Antonio Lafreri und seine Druckgraphikproduktion. Berlin, 2016.
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