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upper left printed in red ink: NASA / AS11-45-6706; on verso, upper center printed in purple ink: [NASA logo] NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION / HOUSTON, TEXAS 77058 / FOR RELEASE: / PHOTO NO. AS11-45-6706; upper center NASA copyright stamp in purple ink; center printed in purple ink: COLOR / 20 JULY 1969 / AS11-45-6706 / MANNED SPACECRAFT CENTER, HOUSTON, TEXAS / LUNAR SURFACE STEREO CLOSE-UP----- An Apollo 11 stereo view showing / a clump of lunar surface powder, with various small pieces of dif- / ferent color. Many small, shiny spherical particles can be seen. / The picture is three inches across. The exposure was made by the / Apollo 11 35mm stereo close-up camera. The camera was specially / developed to get the highest possible resolution of a small area. / A three-inch square area is photographed with a flash illumination / and at a fixed distance. The camera is mounted on a walking stick, / and the astronauts use it by holding it up against the object to be / photographed and pulling the trigger. The pictures are in color and / give a stereo view, enabling the fine detail to be seen very clearly. / The project is under the direction of Prof. T. Gold of Cornell Uni- / versity and Mr. F. Pearse of NASA. The camera was designed and built / by Eastman Kodak. Prof. E. Purcell of Harvard University and Dr. E. / Land of the Polaroid Corporation have contributed to the project. / The pictures brought back from the Moon by the Apollo 11 crew are of / excellent quality and allow fine detail of the undisturbed lunar / surface to be seen. Scientists hope to be able to deduce from them / some of the processes that have taken place that have shaped and / modified the surface.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Houston, TX. (sale, RMY Auctions, Wilder, ID); Mary and Dan Solomon, Monarch Beach, CA; gift to NGA, 2018.

Associated Names
Solomon, Dan and Mary
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