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across bottom printed in negative: (JPL14) PASADENA, Calif., June 2-- SURVEYOR'S CAMERAS RETURNED DETAILED / PHOTOS-- This picture, showing a section of the Surveyor spacecraft in / remarkable detail, is one of many transmitted back to earth today by / the craft after landing on the moon. It was transmitted to earth as / 600 separate lines of picture, which together make the complete / photograph. This version was copied from a monitor screen at Jet Pro- / pulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. (AP Wirephoto) (jfm50414stf) 1966; on verso, top center stamped in blue ink perpendicular: RRV 13205; center stamped in red ink: This picture is the property of The Associated / Press and may be used only for the purpose of / reproduction when authorized by the owner. It may / be syndicated, rented or loaned, or used for / advertising purposes of for the purpose of trade / The following credit must be printed under / each reproduction of this picture: / ASSOCIATED PRESS / WIREPHOTO / [illegible] PATENT OFFICE


Mary and Dan Solomon, Monarch Beach, CA; gift to NGA, 2018.

Associated Names
Solomon, Dan and Mary
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