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retouching across recto in black ink; crop marks top center, center, and lower center in grey paint; by unknown hand, upper right in black ink: R.P.; on verso, by unknown hand, upper left in blue ink perpendicular: Hitler 1923--1939; upper center in graphite: [illegible] Page / Hit 3 / 2 cols 3 1/8'; upper center stamped in red ink inverted: FILED MAY-1 1939; center left printed in black ink on applied yellow sticker inverted: 84; center Acme copyright stamp in blue ink inverted; lower center printed in purple ink on applied paper: 50054 [illegible] / ADOLF HITLER MAKES A SPEECH -- FULL FLIGHT / THE NEW GERMANY MAY NOT APPROVE UNANIMOUSLY OF / ADOLF HITLER, BUT WHEN HE TALKS, EVERY GERMAN / LISTENS. THIS SHOWS WHY. DER FUHRER WITHHOLDS / NOTHING WHEN HE PREACHES HIS DOCTRINE OF MILITANT / NAZI NATIONALISM. HERE, HE IS IN THE FULL FLIGHT [underlined] / OF THE DYNAMIC ORATORY [underlined] WHICH HAS WON HIM MILLIONS / OF FOLLOWERS AND MADE MILLIONS FEAR HIM. / CREDIT LINE (MOVIETONE NEWS PHOTO FROM ACME) / #1 CAN CL MX BA CL DAL; by unknown hand, lower center in graphite on applied paper inverted: 61


Mary and Dan Solomon, Monarch Beach, CA; gift to NGA, 2018.

Associated Names
Solomon, Dan and Mary
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