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lower left: Dino Aranda 68;[1] upper right reverse: "TRES FIGURAS" / DINO ARANDA 68 / ACRYLIC ON CANVAS

Inscription Notes

[1] According to the artist (e-mail, 26 November 2019, to Emily Ann Francisco, in NGA curatorial files), the painting was originally intended to be displayed horizontally, with the triangular shapes to the left, and it was originally signed at the lower left. However, Werth Zuver hung the painting vertically, and out of deference to him, the artist partially covered the original signature and signed it a second time in the upper left of the vertical orientation. When the painting is oriented horizontally, this second signature now appears in the lower left, with a portion of the original signature (the artist's surname) faintly visible to its right.


The artist; purchased 1972 by Werth V. Zuver, Washington, D.C.; gift 2019 to NGA.

Associated Names
Zuver, Werth V.
Exhibition History
Ernesto Cardenal, Dino Aranda: Nicaragua, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, 1973, unnumbered catalogue, repro.
Raíces y Visiones / Roots and Visions, Fondo del Sol and National Collection of Fine Arts (now Smithsonian American Art Museum), Washington, D.C., followed by a tour in the U.S. and Mexico City, 1977-1981 (painting shown at Fondo del Sol in Washington).
Return to Managua [Dino Aranda retrospective], Fondo del Sol, Washington, D.C., 1988.
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