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around circumference: CAROLVS.I.D:G.MAG.BRITANN.FRAN.ET.HIB.REX.; behind bust: BRIOT; on truncation, faintly:1639


Made 1639 for Charles I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland [1600-1649], London; believed given January 1649, or possibly earlier, to William Juxon [c. 1582-1663, Bishop of London 1633-1649 and Archbishop of Canterbury 1660-1663], London; gift to his niece, Elizabeth Osborne [d. 1707/1711], possibly on the occasion of her marriage to William Merlott later in 1649;[1] by inheritance to her son, John Merlott [1654-1731];[2] by inheritance to his son, Richard Merlott [1678-1742], London; by inheritance to his brother, Joseph Merlott [d. 1782], Itchingfield, Sussex; by inheritance to his nephew (son of his brother, Abraham Merlott), John Merlott [d. 1784]; by inheritance to his sister, Elizabeth Merlott [d. 1810/1817]; gift during her lifetime to a distant cousin, Charles Merlott Chitty [d. 1815]; by inheritance on his premature death to his father, Charles Chitty [1781-1866, Elizabeth Merlott’s second cousin once-removed]; bequest to his wife, Susannah Elizabeth Jourdan Chitty [1786-1876]; gift 1867 to her son, William Farington Chitty [1822-1891]; bequest to his friend, Percy Sanden Godman [1836-1922];[3] by inheritance to his son, Lt. Col. Edward Shirley Godman OBE [1876-1951];[4] by inheritance to his son, Desmond Frederick Shirley Godman, alumnus of Magdalene College, Cambridge University, England [1927-2011];[5] displayed 1986-2009 on loan from him at Pepys Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge University;[6] purchased 2010 by (Classical Numismatic Group, LLC, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and London); sold jointly 2010 with (Nomos AG, Zurich) to Dr. Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, Barrington, Rhode Island; gift 2019 to NGA.

Exhibition History
Loan Exhibition of Relics of Past and Present Wars, South Lodge, Horsham, 1916, no. 20, repro.
Loan to display with permanent collection, Pepys Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge University, England, 1986-2009.
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