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Sarah Greenough, “Alfred Stieglitz/Marsden Hartley/1911,” Alfred Stieglitz Key Set, NGA Online Editions, (accessed August 21, 2019).


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Shortly after meeting Stieglitz in 1909 Hartley emphatically declared that he would “have a show at 291 or nowhere.” Stieglitz, who believed in Hartley’s work because, as he wrote, “I felt a spirit I liked—or rather thought very worthwhile,” gave the Maine-born artist his first exhibition at 291 that spring (26 October 1923, YCAL). Stieglitz subsequently raised funds to enable Hartley to travel extensively in Europe from 1912 through 1915, resulting in some of the most accomplished art of his career. For the next twenty-eight years Stieglitz continued to promote Hartley’s work, exhibiting it at the Intimate Gallery in the 1920s and at An American Place in the 1930s. Yet the tenor of Stieglitz’s remarks also reflects their troubled relationship. Hartley depended greatly on Stieglitz for financial support, and chafed that other artists were more celebrated. In 1937 Hartley and Stieglitz severed their professional relationship.

In the checklist for his 1921 exhibition Stieglitz lists two portraits of Hartley, nos. 36 and 37, both dated 1915. In all likelihood, this work and Key Set number 429 were exhibited.

Lifetime Exhibitions

A print from the same negative—perhaps a photograph from the Gallery’s collection—appeared in the following exhibition(s) during Alfred Stieglitz’s lifetime:

1921, New York (no. 36, as Marsden Hartley, 1915)


by Alfred Stieglitz, on mount, upper left verso, in graphite: Marsden Hartley / 1911 / Exhibition 1921

by Georgia O'Keeffe, on mount, lower left verso, in graphite: 31 E


Georgia O'Keeffe; gift to NGA, 1949.

Associated Names
O'Keeffe, Georgia
Greenough, Sarah. Alfred Stieglitz: The Key Set: The Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Photographs. Washington, 2002: vol. 1, cat. 370.
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