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Sarah Greenough, “Alfred Stieglitz/Ma and Georgia Engelhard/1915,” Alfred Stieglitz Key Set, NGA Online Editions, (accessed June 20, 2019).


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Key Set Entry


Stieglitz was close to his niece Georgia Engelhard, the daughter of his sister Agnes and her husband George Engelhard. As part of a series of exhibitions of children’s art at 291, he showed her work in 1916. As she grew older, her earthy sense of humor, daring spirit, and athletic nature endeared her also to O’Keeffe who granted “Georgia Minor” or “The Kid,” as the family called her, the rare privilege of accompanying her on painting expeditions. An amateur photographer and internationally recognized equestrian, Engelhard also became a celebrated mountain climber.

Lifetime Exhibitions

A print from the same negative—perhaps a photograph from the Gallery’s collection—appeared in the following exhibition(s) during Alfred Stieglitz’s lifetime:

1921, New York (no. 64, as Grandmother and Grandchild, 1915)


by Alfred Stieglitz, on mount, upper left verso, in graphite: Exhibition / 1921 / Ma & Georgia Engelhard

by later hand, on mount, lower left verso, in graphite: 87 B


Georgia O'Keeffe; gift to NGA, 1949.

Exhibition History
Photographs by Alfred Stieglitz, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, March 16–April 27, 1958
Greenough, Sarah. Alfred Stieglitz: The Key Set: The Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Photographs. Washington, 2002: vol. 1, cat. 412.
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