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Sarah Greenough, “Alfred Stieglitz/Donald Davidson/1920,” Alfred Stieglitz Key Set, NGA Online Editions, (accessed November 20, 2019).


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The date is based on similarities to Key Set numbers 624, 625, and 626.

When Stieglitz first met Donald Davidson in 1917 he was helping to establish a victory garden at Oaklawn. Shortly thereafter on 22 August 1917 Stieglitz wrote to O’Keeffe that Davidson had “made a great impression upon me—impression as a human.— A lank sinewy figure—eye glasses—spectacles—middle-aged—a firm expression around the mouth—We met up there—and I don’t know why—but we talked for about fifteen minutes—I don’t know what brought it about—But it was very wonderful—that meeting. Life—War—Society—Plant Life—the universe—We understood each other—He’s unmarried—Scotch descent—Riches once upon a time in the family—It was very human that meeting—the most human thing that’s happened to me in some time—He seemed drawn to me & I to him—Queer—Perhaps I’m not quite as dead as I imagine I must be” (YCAL). In 1919 Davidson married Stieglitz’s niece Elizabeth Stieglitz, and both became deeply involved in Hinduism.


by Georgia O'Keeffe, on mount, upper left verso, in graphite: 206D


Georgia O'Keeffe; gift to NGA, 1949.

Associated Names
O'Keeffe, Georgia
Greenough, Sarah. Alfred Stieglitz: The Key Set: The Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Photographs. Washington, 2002: vol. 1, cat. 627.
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