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Sarah Greenough, “Alfred Stieglitz/Equivalent/probably 1926,” Alfred Stieglitz Key Set, NGA Online Editions, (accessed November 17, 2019).


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Key Set Entry


The inscription is similar to that of Key Set number 1163, dated 1926, suggesting that Stieglitz made both at the same time.

Prints of this image and Key Set numbers 1093, 1109, 1159, and 1231 (now at Princeton) were given as a group by Stieglitz to Marsden Hartley. The accompanying letter reads, “My dear Hartley—These five little prints are better spokesmen for me than any words I could find—They are photographs—pure & simple. My search for more Light—that is the neverending Search—of all those truly working—in whatever medium—It is 20 years since you & I have been working together—May these Prints in possible moments of Darkness give you Courage—Dispel all Doubts. They represent the Spirit of ‘291’—& ‘303’—as I understand that Spirit. Your friend Stieglitz—June 6—28” (The Art Museum, Princeton University).

Stieglitz Collections

A corresponding print was given to the following institution(s) by Alfred Stieglitz during his lifetime, or was received or acquired from the estate:

George Eastman Museum, Rochester, 74:0052:0028

Other Collections

A print corresponding with this photograph can also be found in the following collection(s):

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Princeton University Art Museum, 77.62 (oriented 180°)


by Alfred Stieglitz, on mount, upper left verso, in graphite: 1 / Best of this; upper center verso: Top

by Georgia O'Keeffe, on mount, upper left verso, in graphite: 229D

by later hand, on mount, lower right verso, in graphite: D


Georgia O'Keeffe; gift to NGA, 1949.

Associated Names
O'Keeffe, Georgia
Greenough, Sarah. Alfred Stieglitz: The Key Set: The Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Photographs. Washington, 2002: vol. 2, cat. 1178.
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