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A humanist and polymath, Alberti in his treatises laid theoretical foundations for Renaissance painting, sculpture, and architecture. This relief is a milestone in the history of portraiture, and it is the earliest independent self-portrait. Fittingly, Alberti presented himself in classical guise: his hairstyle and loose garment knotted in front recall portraits of ancient Roman worthies, while the relief in oval format resembles a cameo on a larger scale. The winged eye hovering in the field is Alberti's personal emblem. It may refer to the all-seeing eye of God, to the primacy of the eye for human inquiry, and even to Egyptian hieroglyphics, which fascinated many humanists.


vertically along right edge, with terminal stops in the form of eyes, and with an intermediate stop possibly representing a pair of open wings: .L[EO].BAP[TISTA]. (Leon Battista, the artist's names)


Vicomte de Janzé, Paris; (his sale, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, 16 April 1866, no. 41); Charles Timbal, Paris; Gustave Dreyfus [1837-1914], Paris; his estate; purchased 1930 by (Duveen Brothers, Inc., London and New York); purchased 1944 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; gift 1957 to NGA.

Exhibition History

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Beyond Nobility: Art for the Private Citizen in the Early Renaissance, Allentown Art Museum, Pennsylvania, 1980-1981, no. 47, repro. pl. 1
Italian Renaissance Sculpture in the Time of Donatello, Detroit Institute of Arts; Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas; Forte Belvedere, Florence, Italy, 1985-1986, no. 48 (English catalogue), no. 82 (Italian catalogue), repros. (shown only in Detroit and Fort Worth).
The Currency of Fame: Portrait Medals of the Renaissance, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; The Frick Collection, New York; National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, 1994-1995, no. 3, repro.
The Renaissance from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo: The Representation of Architecture. Palazzo Grassi, Venice; NGA, Washington, D.C.; Musée des Monuments Français, Paris; Altes Museum, Berlin, 1994-1996, no. 19, repro. (shown only in Berlin).
L'Uomo del Rinascimento: Leon Battista Alberti e le arti a Firenze tra ragione e bellezza", Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, 2006, no. 10, repro.
The Renaissance Portrait: From Donatello to Bellini, Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2011-2012, no. 60, repro.
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