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lower left in plate: Felix Buhot / 1876; lower left: UNE MATINEE D'HIVER AU QUAI DE L'HOTEL-DIEU; lower right in margin: FelixBuhot / 2nd ETAT DU PUBLICATION [...]

Exhibition History
The Prints of Félix Buhot: Impressions of City and Sea, National Gallery of Art, Washington, 2005-2006, no. 21, as A Winter Morning on the Quai de l'Hotel-Dieu (The Cabstand).
Bourcard, Gustave. Felix Buhot: catalogue descriptif de son oeuvre grave. Paris: H. Floury, 1899. Reprint. With additions and revisions by James Goodfriend. New York: Martin Goodfriend, 1979.
Fisher/Baxter 1983, 51a.
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