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The half-length image of the Virgin and Child, made for contemplation in private homes, was in great demand in 15th-century Florence. This early masterpiece by Benedetto condenses layers of meaning into a simple composition. With one hand, the Christ child touches the cords of his mother's cloak, suggesting the ropes that will later bind him; with the other, he clings to her veil, a reference to the shroud that will envelop Christ's body in the tomb. His vigorous upward movement signals the final act of the drama: escape from the tomb and resurrection. While the Virgin meditates on what is to unfold, her son embraces his future in joyous exuberance.


Stefano Bardini [1836-1922], Florence, in 1893.[1] Prince Johan II of Liechtenstein [1840-1929], Vienna, by 1896;[2] Prince Franz I of Liechtenstein [1853-1938]; Prince Franz Josef II of Liechtenstein [1906-1989]; acquired 2 April 1953 by (J. Seligmann & Co., New York);[3] sold 1954 to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; gift 1960 to NGA.

Exhibition History

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