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in margin below image, in plate: Arti et ingenio stat sine morte decus. (For art and ingenuity, glory endures without end.) // Pulcher Atlantiades Psychen ad Sydera tollens, / Ingenio scandi Sydera posse docet. / Ingenio liquidum possim consendere Caelum, / Si mundi curas fata levare velint. (By raising Psyche to the stars, the handsome grandson of Atlas [Mercury] shows that with ingenuity he may ascend to the stars. With ingenuity I can ascend the clear skies, if Fate would lighten the cares of the world.) Petrus Breugel fec: Romae A[nn]o 1553. / Excud: Houf: cum prae: Caes:

Bastelaer, Rene van. Les estampes de Peter Bruegel l'ancien. Brussels: G. van Oest et Cie, 1908.
The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Etchings, Engravings and Woodcuts, 1450-1700. (Pieter Bruegel, Nadine Orenstein author). Rotterdam: Sound & Vision Interactive, 1996-, no. A4, state i/ii.
Serebrennikov, Nina Eugenia. "Imitating Nature / Imitiating Bruegel," Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, vol. 47, 1996, pp. 223-246.
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