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Gossaert's portrait shows a merchant seated in a cramped yet cozy space,surrounded by the tools of his trade. Scattered over the table are such useful items as a talc shaker used to dry ink, an ink pot, a pair of scales for testing the weight (and hence the quality) of coins, and a metal receptacle for sealing wax, quill pens, and paper. Attached to the wall are balls of twine and batches of papers labeled "miscellaneous letters" and "miscellaneous drafts." The monogram on the sitter's hat pin and index finger ring have led to his tentative identification as Jan Jacobsz Snoeck.

The artist's Netherlandish love of detail and texture combine with his admiration for the massiveness of Italian High Renaissance art to achieve here what might be termed a monumentality of the particular. At the same time, the sitter's furtive glance and prim mouth are enough to inform us of the insecurity and apprehension that haunted bankers in the 1530s, when the prevailing moral attitude was summed up by the Dutch humanist Erasmus, who asked, "When did avarice reign more largely and less punished?"

More information on this painting can be found in the Gallery publication Early Netherlandish Painting, which is available as a free PDF


upper left on the paper: Alrehande Missiven (miscellaneous letters); upper right on the paper: Alrehande Minuten (miscellaneous drafts); on ring on sitter's index finger: IS; on pin on hat: IAS (intertwined)


(John Smith, London); sold 4 August 1836 to the Marquesses of Lansdowne, London and Bowood, Wiltshire;[1] sold by Lord Landsowne in January 1967 to (Thos. Agnew & Sons, London);[2] purchased January 1967 by NGA.

Exhibition History

Exhibitions of Works by Ancient Masters, British Institution, London, 1866, no. 70.
Exhibition of Works by the Old Masters, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1884, no. 288, as Holbein.
Loan Exhibition of the Lansdowne Collection, Thomas Agnew & Sons, Ltd., London, 1954-1955, no. 17.
L'Art flamand dans les collections britanniques et la Galerie Nationale de Victoria, Groeningemuseum, Bruges, 1956, no. 33.
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Deceptions and Illusions: Five Centuries of Trompe l'Oeil Painting, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., 2002-2003, no. 32, color repro.
Jan Gossaert's Renaissance, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The National Gallery, London, 2010-2011, no. 58, repro. (not in London catalogue).

Technical Summary

The painting is in excellent condition and contains only a few scattered
retouchings on the sitter's sleeves, the papers on the back wall, and the left
page of the ledger in the foreground. Several changes are visible: the
sitter's hat was originally broader and his hair longer at the back; the cord
that hangs in front of the papers at the upper right has been shortened.
Underdrawing is visible in the sitter's hands and sleeves and in the papers
hanging on the rear wall. The reverse of the panel has been planed down and
coated with a thin layer of paint.


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