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in standard script on the base in underglaze blue in two columns of three characters each: Da Qing Kangxi nian zhi (made in the Kangxi reign of the great Qing dynasty)


Harry G. Steele [1881-1942], Pasadena; his widow, Grace C. Steele [d. 1974]; gift 1972 to NGA.

Technical Summary

The bowl was broken into several pieces and has been repaired. It is very finely potted with a thin wall. The beveled foot-ring is high and narrow, and the base is glazed.

Bower, Virginia, Josephine Hadley Knapp, Stephen Little, and Robert Wilson Torchia. Decorative Arts, Part II: Far Eastern Ceramics and Paintings; Persian and Indian Rugs and Carpets. The Collections of the National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogue. Washington, D.C., 1998: 226, color repro.
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