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on right rim of self-base: P.J. David. / 1840; on front rim of self-base: AMBROISE. PARÉ.; incised in the foundry model and enhanced with cold-work on spine of each book: Amb. Paré; on left rim of self-base: F. BARBEDIENNE. FONDEUR.; on underside of self-base, incised through cold-work into the cast: 112; foundry cachet cold-stamped on rear rim, at right: REDUCTION MECANIQUE. A. COLLAS / BREVETE

Marks and Labels

FM: Barbedienne


(Moulin de la Brocante, Juziers, France), c. 1963-1964; sold between June 1963 to July 1964 to Mr. and Mrs. Myron Miller, Sharpsburg, Maryland;[1] gift 1977 to NGA.

Sculpture: An Illustrated Catalogue. National Gallery of Art, Washington, 1994: 64, repro.
Butler, Ruth, and Suzanne Glover Lindsay, with Alison Luchs, Douglas Lewis, Cynthia J. Mills, and Jeffrey Weidman. European Sculpture of the Nineteenth Century. The Collections of the National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogue. Washington, D.C., 2000: 225-229, color repro.