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in later hand, on mount, upper right verso: 20391 / 14 x 20; center verso: No 514; center right verso: Guerchin / 15


Francis H. Egerton, Eighth Earl of Bridgewater (1756-1829); Dr. Wilhelm Alexander Freund, Berlin (1833-1917; Lugt 954) (sale, Amsterdam, C. F. Roos & Co., 19-21 February 1906, no. 23 as Guercino); unidentified collector "DCB" (Lugt 735a); Prof. Dr. I. Cantacuzino (by 1932); J. Curtis; Ian Woodner, New York; gift to NGA in 1978.

Exhibition History
Desenul Italian in Secolele al XVI-lea - XIX-lea, Muzeul Toma Stelian, Bucharest, 1932, no. 47, plate V (reproduced on title page)(as Guercino).
Woodner Collection I: A Selection of Old Master Drawings before 1700, William H. Schab Gallery, New York and tour, 1971-72, no. 47 (as Guercino).
NGA Master Drawings 1978, p. 72 (as Guercino).
Bagni, P., IL GUERCINO E IL SUO FALSARIO, Bologna: 1985, 127 (falsario)).