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on verso, Life magazine label, upper left typed in black ink: LIFE CONTEST ENTRY NO. [by artist in green ink: 507] / NAME [by artist in green ink: Robert Frank] / ADDRESS / STREET CITY STATE [by artist, above in green ink: 53 EAST 11th Str. N.Y.C.] / IF WITH U.S. ARMED FORCES, WRITE SERVICE ADDRESS BELOW / TITLE OF PICTURE (OR STORY) [by artist in green ink: People you don't see] / WHERE TAKEN [by artist in green ink: 11th Street] WHEN [by artist in green ink: August 51] / TYPE OF CAMERA USED [by artist in green ink: Leica] / CAPTION MATERIALS / [by artist in green ink: Lena is through working. It is / 3 PM and she will soon go home.] / IF INDIVIDUAL PICTURE CHECK HERE / IF PICTURE STORY THIS IS NUMBER [by artist in green ink: 12] IN STORY [by artist in green ink: 1]; Life magazine label, upper center printed in white ink: THIS PRINT WAS PRESENTED / FOR FINAL JUDGING IN THE / [LIFE magazine logo] LIFE / [in black ink] CONTEST FOR / YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS; by unknown hand, lower right in red ink perpendicular and underlined: 9; typed in black ink on applied label across bottom inverted: Lena is through working. It is 3 PM and she will soon go home.


The artist, New York; gift to NGA, 1990.

Exhibition History
Street Seen: The Psychological Gesture in American Photography, 1940-59, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, 2010, no. 38.
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