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verso in blue ink: October 23 / After a day of remorse, I am ready / To challenge the Universe. Why can I not stay / down, yet begin the fight to self-persecution? Height after height the resistance wares me / down, only to see the truth: To begin again. / -I am conceived with the weathers / If I were to see this unconventional man; I would / love it; it would love me, - that's how to be in / the world. / -yet is this a "state" or just a thought- / a state seems ready to exist, yet a / thought is in constant struggles with / other thoughts... / inner / inner-outer / from abstract (arrow) state of being (arrow) outside con- / sciousness / (state of not / being) / ego ego-less / growth / state of the world in time / not this is not anything


Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Vogel, New York; gift to NGA, 2007.

Exhibition History
The Poetry of Form, IVAM Centre Julio González, Valencia, 1992.
The Poetry of Form, Indianapolis Museum of Art; Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, 1993-1995.
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