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verso in blue ball-point pen: X USE DOUBLE FACED TAPE / EAST (arrow pointing up) / FLOOR DRAWING / THIS DRAWING IS INTENDED / TO BE LYING ON THE / FLOOR (THIS SIDE DOWN) IN / THE DIRECTION OF EAST / IT HAS BEEN SMUDGED A LITTLE / BEFORE HAVING MORE FIXATIVE ADDED / JAN 31, 1989 (scratched out)/ "EAST 10TH STREET" / (1) / Richard Tuttle / Jan. '89 / HANG AT / BASE OF WALL / TOUCHING FLOOR (arrow pointing down); lower center verso inverted in graphite: EAST (arrow pointing down) Jan 25 '89

Marks and Labels

BS: Waterford


Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Vogel, New York; gift to NGA, 2007.