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The figures labeled in pen and brown ink from left to right: Libido, Legum Codex:, Honor:, Fastus:, Opulentia:, Fuor:, Assentatio:, Inuidia:; and inscribed above the figure of Favor in four separate discs: Fortuna, Casus:, Forma:, Dotes/Animi


(Sale, London, Sotheby's, 13 July 1937, lot 64); (sale, London, Sotheby's, 15-17 November 1937, lot 546); (sale, London, Maggs Bros., Ltd., catalogue 709, 1941, no. 30); (purchased by William H. Schab Gallery via Paul Graupe); purchased by Ian Woodner, New York, by 1973; by inheritance to his daughters, Andrea and Dian Woodner, New York, 1990.

Exhibition History
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