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Amos C. Brinton
American, 1888 - 1982
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The following is an excerpt from an email sent by Mary Folger Keefer dated 5/14/00 regarding Amos Brinton:


Recently noted your numerous paintings of american design by Amos C.Brinton. Your only note on this artist was that he worked during the 1930's. I had the privilege of meeting Amos in the early 1970's. Amos was born in the Wilmington Delaware area February 3, 1888. He probably did the work your museum holds during the depression, but he went on to do beautiful marine oriented watercolors. His detail and perspective were excellent.

My mother, Harriett Folger, sponsored a one man show for Amos which was held at the old Flanders Hotel in Ocean City NJ. In 1973 Amos was going blind and had decided to retire to Florida with his wife. His paintings were sold to the last one for good prices and he retired to Merritt Island, Brevard, Fl where he died in October of 1982.

Upon my mother's death, I inherited three pencil sketches and a large watercolor of men working a Boston whaler. My brother and sister each have large ship paintings.

Mary Folger Keefer

Charles Ritchie

Assistant Curator

Department of Modern Prints and Drawings

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