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Auspitz, Stefan
Austrian, 1869 - 1945
Stefan Auspitz was the son of Carl Auspitz [1824-1912] and his wife Mathilde née Porges [1938-1910]. Stefan took over the direction of the family banking business after the death of his uncle Rodolf in 1906. The financial crisis in Austria in 1931 forced the liquidation of the business, a process which was ongoing in 1938 when the Anschluss between Nazi German and Austria occurred. The liquidation included the sale through Walter Bachstitz of a large part of Auspitz' art collection, which he had used as security for the bank. Auspitz, a Jew, had lost most of his remaining properties by the time he was deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp in October of 1942. A portion of the art collection which had been stored at the firm of Fa. Bäume in Vienna was confiscated at that time, as were remaining possessions in Auspitz' apartment. Stefan Auspitz survived the war but died shortly there after, in December 1945 in Vienna.

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