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Richardson, Dorothy M.
British, 1873 - 1957
Richardson, Dorothy Miller , Odle, Dorothy
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Novelist. She was born in Abingdon and attended local schools before working as a teacher and a clerk. She married a painter, Alan Odle. After publishing The Quakers Past and Present and Gleanings from the Works of George Fox (both 1914) she embarked on Pilgrimage, the sequence of 12 novels for which she is remembered. Making early use of stream of consciousness, it deals with the life of Miriam Henderson. The individual volumes are: Pointed Roofs (1915), Backwater (1916), Honeycomb (1917), Interim (1919), The Tunnel (1919), Deadlock (1921), Revolving Lights (1923), The Trap (1925), Oberland (1927), Dawn's Left hand (1931), Clear Horizon (1935) and Dimple Hill (1938). (Ian Ousby, The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English, Cambridge, England, 1993: 794.)

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